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  • Seamless integration
  • Up-to-date real estate data
  • All-in-one resource
  • Flexible and cross-platform data API

Why an API?

An API or Application Programming Interface is basically a menu for developers. They can choose from a list of features on this menu without worrying about the coding behind it. This means saving a lot of coding time, especially for monotonous and small tasks, and it doesn’t end there. Realtyna offers a range of APIs for multiple purposes across the real estate industry.

Who Are These For?

Real estate professionals and web developers who wish to empower their websites, mobile apps and other platforms with organic and seamless real estate data can use Realtyna’s APIs.

Why Realtyna?

Realtyna has been empowering real estate websites in the USA and Canada for over a decade. As an authorized vendor with over 200 MLSs, Realtyna is a leading IDX solutions provider. Realtyna’s API solutions provide a quick and reliable way for developers to create converting real estate apps and websites.

Stand out from the crowd using real estate

business intelligence with Realtyna’s API products:


WPL API plugin is based on RESTful technology, allowing developers to build third-party apps and front ends based on Realtyna’s feature-rich real estate plugin, WPL.

You can Query the WPL platform and make changes using the following calls:

  • Add and remove favorites
  • Load favorites
  • Save search
  • Reset password via SMS
  • Show listing details
  • and more…
WPL API Vector
Realtyfeed API vector

RealtyFeed API

RealtyFeed API is one of the fastest and most reliable property listing APIs on the market. Some of its top features include:

  • Speed and security powered by AWS
  • Organic and updated property listings
  • Reliable data from the majority of MLSs across the US and Canada

Realtyna MLS API

Realtyna’s MLS/IDX API allows you to read data from the API servers limiting your hosting burden significantly, while still maintaining high accuracy and speed. This makes for a custom, fast, and an SEO-friendly experience for your MLS feed, depending on how you implement it.

RealtyZodiac API

RealtyZodiac is the future of real estate data. It is an all-around API service solution put together by an experienced team of API developers in the real estate industry. It provides the latest and most updated business data including:

  • Demographic data
  • School and neighborhood data
  • Climate and risk data
  • Tax and crime rates
  • And much more

RealtyZodiac can be used with any platform or app that is able to receive data through API.

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All MLS data is provided upon MLS approval.