How to Sell More as a Real Estate Agent

Starting your career as a real estate agent and making tons of profits is alluring, but it requires strategy. To progress in this market, we need leads, in addition to a vigorous combination of commitment, energy, focus, negotiation skills and a stringent code of ethics. It is obvious that without having somebody to talk to, whether they are a buyer or seller, business does not move forward. With my real estate lead generation tips, you will soon be the “king” or “queen” of your local area. Let’s get started: 

An Outstanding Business Card

So, what can we do to make our business card stand out from the rest? We need to have an outstanding card so people will remember us. These are just some suggestions which you can consider:

  • Have the card printed in portrait view instead of landscape.
  • Make the card colorful. Bright and bold colors are good. Red means you are in business.
  • Add a catchy tag line either under your company name or on the reverse side.
  • Add a photo to the reverse side.

Become a Regular Somewhere

Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Is there a restaurant you dine at regularly? Your regular presence will be enough for the owner to remember you and know what you do.

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Label

Wearing a name badge depicting your name and company details clearly identifies you in public. The more often you are seen, the easier it is for you to be remembered and the more likely people will find it easier to refer real estate leads to you. 

Write Articles and Publish Them

If you want to brand yourself as an expert in your area of real estate, start writing articles and publish them in various outlets. If the reading public sees enough of your articles and connects with what you are saying, they’ll follow you over to your website and maybe buy a property from you.

Go Door to Door

One of the quickest ways to get to know the people in your area is to go door to door. It gives the potential selling public the opportunity to get to know you, build a relationship and hopefully one day engage in some real estate transactions with you. An even better approach would be to offer something of value for free every time you drop by. Why not drop off your monthly newsletter outlining what’s happening in the area? 

Hang Out in Bookstores

Now it is a bit brazen, perhaps even silly, but some agents will be able to get away with it. Why not sponsor a book signing by a real estate author in a store in your area?

Build a Team of Silent Sales People

Good real estate agents have a team of advocates, or ‘silent salespeople,’ in the marketplace on call 24/7 willing to promote them as a preferred agent. How do you get your own team? You promote yourself to everyone you know. Friends, relatives, church colleagues, sporting associates—everyone. Let them know that you are in real estate.

How do you get your team to work for you? Reward them.

Become a Retiring Agent’s Best Friend

When an agent decides to retire, why not offer to look after his/her database by offering a small referral fee for any future transactions that may occur.

Become a Preferred Agent for Builders and Developers

Get to know your local home builders, construction companies and developers. Usually, these companies will be involved in sizable projects that could provide you with years of selling opportunities.

Create a Coloring in Book

Offer free coloring books for kids. Brand the book with your details and keep a few in your bag with crayons to give to leads with children. They will end up in the home for a while, providing Mom and Dad a nice reminder of the services you provide. 

Pay Per Click Advertising

Once you set up an account with Google Adwords, you are able to create your advertisement specifically targeted to your audience who will buy your product or service. Google allows you to be country-specific, state-specific, gender-specific and even age-specific. As an alternative to Google, try Facebook ads.

Facebook Add-on

Advertise on Your Car

Your car is your mobile branding billboard. Keep your messages fresh and so will the leads you generate.

Be on Show and Exhibit Yourself

Get in contact with your local area exhibition hall and grab a list of the shows and expos coming up over the year. Pick out the events that most suit your business and grab a stand. Set it up professionally and offer a raffle as a means to collect names and details.

Connect to HR Departments

Establish contact with a local HR department and build a relationship with key personnel. By letting them know the services you provide as a real estate agent, you may be able to get leads from new people moving to the area.

Open Houses

For those in favor, they will tell you that open houses bring in potential buyers who are necessary to make a sale.

Dial That Number

Phone everybody you know. Past clients, current leads, friends, advocates—everybody.

Who Do You Know at the Daycare Center

By getting to know the staff at a local daycare center you may be able to discover who is new to town and who is moving.

Sponsor a Sports Team

There is always an opportunity for a local business to sponsor a team in return for publicity in the community. 

Learn to Love the Media

Why not approach your local media outlet by letting them know you are available for expert comment in any news, finance or real estate segment they might be running?

Run a Promotion

Why not run a promotion offering gift cards, discount marketing packages, free books, store vouchers or cash prizes? Whatever you do, make sure you capture the entrants’ names and contact details.

Become a Gym Junkie

Improve your fitness and improve your bank balance. Be seen at your local gym regularly. This familiarity gives rise to relationships.

Make Your Shopfront Come Alive

Use plasma screens to display your listings. TV screens are more eye-catching and hold a passer-by longer at your shop front.

Send Out Greeting Cards

Nobody sends out greeting cards these days, especially in this new digital age. And that’s exactly why you need to do it.


The 23 strategies mentioned above are not conclusive. They are merely a start. There are literally thousands of ideas out there for you to implement. But if you want to become a millionaire selling agent, you must become a lead generating master. By benefiting from Realtyna’s products/services like Facebook Add-on you can easily cover most of the mentioned strategies in a glimpse.

Call us now and consult freely with our professional crew. 

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