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Major Real Estate Advertising Practices and Their Implementation on Facebook

In this article we will discuss the major real estate advertising strategies and how can real estate agents implement them on Facebook.


Not long ago advertisement was fairly limited to radio, television, and newspapers. Advertising is held more accountable now than it was in the past. In the 21st century, with the rapid pace of technology growth, businesses are leaning towards digital advertising. Successful organizations are constantly looking for new ways to stimulate or influence the buying behaviors of their customers. 

Complete Knowledge of Your Audience

The very first step to advertising accurately is knowing and considering the needs of our intended audience. No matter how powerful and persuasive our advertisement is, it becomes useless unless the customer sees the advertisement or it captures people’s attention. By knowing our target audience’s taste, it is much easier to achieve our goal quickly. Nowadays there are diverse social platforms for introducing our services and funneling readers to our website. That’s why selecting the best advertising techniques matters a lot.

TV as a Major Real Estate Advertising Strategy

The other option for boosting your sales is TV advertising. The most influential advertising mediums for customers are also considered the most trustworthy. It is one of the most effective mediums since consumers are most influenced by it and it uses both visual and audio cues. Companies in a wide range of industries can use TV advertisements to stand out. Although it sounds wise and you can easily reach a massive audience, if you are on a tight budget, you can consider other types of advertising which are more cost-effective. In this article, I prefer to focus more on social media as one of the best platforms of advertising since our team at Realtyna, has innovative ideas in this regard. 

Building Emotional Connection with Your Audience

Before moving on to the main purpose of this article, let us consider some critical tips to maximize the effect of our ads on the intended audience. There are a few positive impacts of advertising and the two most important ones are building awareness and emotional connections. Customers can get a higher level of message recall if the brand or product is endorsed by celebrities. Next, is to connect emotionally with your audience. Individuals have a basic drive to evaluate their own opinions and abilities through comparison with others. Some famous celebrities, like David Beckham, command great adoration among people. This type of celebrity can strongly and positively influence the view of their fans. Their fans will be willing to purchase or tend to do so because their stars are associated with it. That’s why most of the big companies are trying to reach influencers and ask them to advertise their products on different platforms such as Facebook. I highly believe each ambitious company should consider the same method too.

Facebook Add-on

Social Media as a Major Real Estate Advertising Strategy

One of the leading real estate advertising techniques of the contemporary decade is reaching your target group through social media and mobile advertisements. In this last part, I intend to name very briefly some of the aspects of Facebook advertising that make it effective. Besides Facebook’s popularity among different age groups, working with this platform is not complicated. You have the opportunity to reach your audience with a wide range of options like location targeting, age targeting, demographic targeting, and behavioral targeting, just to mention very few. You can also bring your properties to life with the video-making feature of this platform. Just try not to use unrealistic images or videos because It’s much harder to regain a customer’s trust than it is to maintain that trust. You can also ensure the success of your campaign by using the Facebook Carousel ad format to tell a story through images and videos in a single ad unit. One of the most amazing features of this platform is the ability to show reviews and comments to potential buyers and let those reviews speak for themselves. You can also control and limit the appearance of not ideal reviews. 

In conclusion, I believe the most crucial part of choosing real estate advertising strategy is having the necessary insight and knowledge to determine the best option and implement it correctly. I hope by reading this article, you would be able to expand your business through Facebook and generate more leads. Call us now and consult freely with our professional crew if you need more information.

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