WPL Pro - WordPress Real Estate Website Builder

WPL Pro – WordPress Real Estate Website Builder

The internet helps us to promote our business, ideas, websites and more. In this digitalized world, nowadays, every business is dependent on online presence. The real estate industry world is the same way. 

As billboards have been replaced by stunning website’s listings, today, we have thousands of real estate websites available on the internet. We all agree on the fact that running a website is a good choice for promoting your products, listings and more. But what is the best platform for creating well-structured websites? 

WordPress is considered the best platform for website creation because you can easily create any type of website on this platform like online portfolios, business sites and more. As WordPress is free software, you have the opportunity to download its free themes for your websites.

Today we are going to discuss the main categories and features of the WordPress plugin WPL Pro and analyze why it is considered the best website builder platform. 

Let’s jump into it!

Categories of WordPress Plugin WPL Pro

In order to better understand what the WordPress plugin WPL Pro stands for, we should start overviewing it with the help of its categories. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 7 categories of WPL Pro. After this list, you will definitely know why this is important for your real estate website. 

Data Structure

There are different types of data that can be applied to every real estate website. Every property has its own data. There is price, room types, the number of rooms, listing type (whether it is for sale, for rent and more) and other types of information related to properties on real estate websites. With WPL’s flexible system, you can easily change, modify or delete the data of any property. 

User Management

User management is important for every website available on the internet. Real estate websites are not an exception here. Quite simply, when there are different people registered on one website, they need to have access to change or edit their profile information, logo and more. There should also be an admin or groups of admins who determine the access levels of each user on the real estate website. 


The WPL Pro WordPress plugin allows users to search for properties with different features. Some of them may include location text search, radius map search, location database search and more. This will make your real estate website stand out from the rest because it will give your visitors an opportunity to search for properties from different perspectives. 

Location System

Each country has its certain location structure and names, and with the help of WPL location system features, you can have 7 flexible location levels and zip codes. There are also hundreds of regional real estate websites, and it is very important to them to have a location text system where they can simply enter the location name and hierarchy in the system. 

Listing Management

In your WPL website, you can easily allow admin confirmation before publishing any property on the real estate website. Property manager allows users to manage all their listings including editing, deleting, restoring, purging and even changing the owner of properties.

Page and Views

You can have the opportunity to display different pages for your real estate website visitors. Mainly, you can apply property listing, property show, and agent listing pages, which displays the list of agents who are responsible for presenting the properties. Speaking about views, you can display five different types of Google map, including the following:

  • Roadmap
  • Satellite
  • Hybrid
  • Terrain
  • WPL Style


Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is very important for every real estate website. It simply means the process of improving the quality of website traffic. On WPL Pro, you have the opportunity to insert meta keywords and meta descriptions for each property available on your real estate website. 

Top 4 Useful Features of WPL Pro


Flexibility is one of the main features of WordPress. For websites, flexibility means to change any information easily. You can simply modify, add, and delete to update property data fields easily and smoothly. This feature makes WordPress a more easy-to-use platform for creating real estate websites. 

Different Themes

As the WPL Pro WordPress plugin provides website owners with full control over website content, you can easily choose the right theme for your real estate website. As themes are very important for any website, you should think twice before choosing the right theme for your real estate website. Website owners can easily acquire website themes for free; to know more about it, please check out my article on WordPress real estate website theme for free.

Unlimited Add-ons

Real estate websites require having quality add-ons, so you will definitely need these to apply on your website. WPL pro allows you to have an unlimited number of add-ons for any type of business. You can have useful add-ons for your real estate website. To know more about add-ons for WPL platform, please check out my article on 10 useful add-ons for your real estate website.

Unlimited Listings and Users

The WPL ProWordPress plugin allows you to have more than 100,000 listings available on your real estate website. You can also have an unlimited number of users on your website. Despite unlimited users, you can still have controlling tools such as membership add-on, which will define the user’s access, properties and more. To know more about it, please check our article on benefits of using membership add-on for your real estate business.

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