10 Useful Add-ons for Your Real Estate Website

10 Useful Add-ons for Your Real Estate Website

Building up a different, useful and important real estate website is not as easy as it seems from the first glance. You should make decisions about the theme you are going to use on your real estate website and useful add-ons because these are the main tools that help your website to be the leading one in the industry. 

Today, we are going to speak about ten useful add-ons for your real estate website. With the help of these add-ons, you can easily achieve success in the real estate industry and build a unique website that corresponds to your customer’s needs.

Let’s start with a description of these add-ons.

Essential Add-ons for Your Real Estate Website

Being a real estate website owner is a huge responsibility. You should have useful add-ons on your website if you want to achieve success in this industry. There are thousands of real estate websites in the industry, so you need to make sure that your website will be a unique one. Here is the list of useful add-ons for your website.

MLS Add-on

Have you seen any real estate website without property listings? I guess not. No matter what, every real estate website needs listings. MLS Add-on allows you to pull data from your MLS provider and to publish it on your real estate website. 

As home buyers want all the properties in one place, MLS add-on is the best solution for every real estate website. 

Franchise Add-on

Building a real estate website from scratch is very difficult. Some real estate website owners tend to have one main website and several child websites with a shared database. 

Realtyna’s franchise or multisite solution is perfect for building multiple real estate websites while sharing the same property database. Without much effort, you can build one main site and literally an unlimited number of child websites (on the same server) with this solution.

Membership Add-on

Almost every website uses a membership add-on to suggest different membership packages to their members. Real estate websites are not an exception here. This add-on is actively used by those website owners who want to take their real estate website to another level. 

Membership Add-on allows website visitors to post listings on your website and easily collaborate with you. This is a very flexible add-on and it allows you to suggest different membership packages with different prices accordingly. 

For more information, please check out our article about benefits of using Membership Add-on for your real estate business. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Communication is key in any business, especially speaking about the real estate industry. The best way for closing deals is good communication skills. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is definitely one of the main tools that every real estate website should have.

Within the help of this software, you can easily manage, track and remember effectively. CRM captures leads through different online forms and gathers the information about customers. 

For more information, please check out the ultimate guide to real estate CRM.

Market Reports Add-on

Without good marketing, it’s very difficult to achieve success in the real estate industry. Every website needs a good marketing strategy. Creating a marketing or website strategy is a very important part of every real estate website. Market Reports Add-on generates internal usage analytics for your IDX website to help you identify general trends. It integrates into your WPL PRO back-end and provides you with information about how your website is being used. 

Pro-tip: Realtyna’s Franchise/Multisite Solution is perfect for building multiple real estate websites while sharing the same property database.

Neighborhood Add-on

Customers always need to know as much information as possible while speaking about real estate. As real estate is all about location, the first thing customers are looking for is the neighborhood of the property. 

Neighborhood Add-on is one step towards success for real estate websites. It allows you to highlight your area of activity, and it outlines the neighborhood intelligence.  

Demographic Add-on

Demographic information plays a huge role in the decision-making process when buying or renting the property. That’s why, our Demographic Add-on allows you to draw\define different geographical regions on the map for your real estate website. 

Graphical settings allows you to define color, border color, opacity and more on the map for your real estate website.

Yelp Integration

When visitors enter on your real estate website, they want all information to be available for each property. Clients should be able to get all information without surfing the net. That’s why, every real estate website should have Yelp Add-on.

Yelp integration is definitely something you need to boost the information on your real estate website. It will help you to increase your website visitors and ensure that they will stay on your website for a long time. For more information about this add-on, you can check an article about the importance of yelp integration on your real estate website. 

Brokerage Add-on

Brokerage Add-on allows brokers to add and edit listings like a normal user, but also to edit the listings of their agents. With the help of Realtyna’s Brokerage Add-on, you can add a new level of management control over your real estate website. 

Agents Shared Business

Many real estate websites consist of several agents. Customers and your website visitors want to see not one, but several agent’s information there. Agent shared business is definitely useful when you have multiple agents. This add-on gives you the opportunity to provide several agents and their information on the listing details page. 

Last Several Words

Today we spoke about 10 useful add-ons that are very important to help a real estate website to be the leading one. 

Please let us know what add-ons you would add to this list in the comment section below. 

For more information, please check out our article about what you need to achieve success as a brokerage firm.

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