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4 Tips For Realtors on Social Media: How To Raise Followers

As you might know, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, started this application because he was single and wanted to change his status with this app. So in the beginning, it was discovered for connecting with people. Nowadays, however, Facebook and other social media sites are mostly used for promoting different commercials and businesses, including for realtors.

In the modern world, everybody is searching for their answers on the internet; So social media platforms have a real power.  With their help, you will raise the quantity of your followers. But you should also know how to engage with them and how to target your homebuyers in the best possible way, otherwise your work will be useless. 

Here are a few tips, how you can raise your followers for your real estate business:


  1. Publish Valuable Content


First of all, you should make a nice page where you will publish valuable content regularly. You must understand your audience needs and post what will be interesting for them. You must be very careful and consistent about your content. Consider posting beautiful, mesmerizing pictures with short text, because social media is for people on the go and not many will read big explanations about your property. For real estate businesses basic info or witty remarks will be enough. Also, it will be an advantage if you use hashtags. With hashtags your post will be more visible and more people will follow you. 

Additionally, leverage more networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr… Through this, you can link and share your social media networks to each other. It will help your visitors and followers grow and be more engaged. 

For more recognition and status, it’s good to have a website too. Every real estate realtor or organization must have it. Realtyna’s WPL Pro Platform can help you with that


  1. Generate Your Own Followers

Rule number 2, Never buy your followers or pages. Generate your own fans, otherwise you will lose them very fast. It’s very important that people really like your content; fake followers are useless. One more important thing to help generate real followers is to communicate with your audience. You must engage with them and have a connection. This is the true value of real followers who really are interested in your content, the rest doesn’t matter.

Also, don’t be shy to ask them to share your posts. It will be a nice promotion for you. While quality visitors are more important, quantity of your visitors is also very important.

  1. Put Influencers In Your Posts

Influencer marketing is a rising star in the digital marketing world. Influencers are people who have a loyal and large fan-followings on social media. In influencer marketing, brands collaborate with influencers on social media to achieve a specific objective. 

It may be to increase sales, leads, or even social media presence. These influencers can share your products with their audiences and thus get you views and sales.

  1. Build Trust with Content

One more important thing is that you shouldn’t be a content snob. Let me explain what it means – you shouldn’t post your commercial posts all the time. We must build trust with our followers. We should provide truly valuable and informative content through beautiful, intriguing posts. You don’t want your homebuyers to see only commercials on your page and lose trust in you right? So be very careful about the information what you are posting. It takes a lot of effort to make a nice page with valuable content and to build trust with clients, but one incorrect post can ruin everything. Remember that your homebuyers should think that you are their friend and that you are working for their happiness.

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