Best Real Estate SEO Keywords for 2021

Best Real Estate SEO Keywords for 2021

Real estate agents spend a lot of time on their website design and pay a lot of money for advertisements, but many still struggle with lead generation. Some of them hire content writers and publish articles regularly, but still fail to score viewers to their website. 

Quality content writing is the ultimate solution to this problem. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the value of what is in demand and what folks are looking for on the web. 

In this article, we are going to explore the top real estate keywords of 2021 that bring a lot of SEO value to your real estate website.

More Common And More Difficult Articles 

Short keywords usually have a high level of ranking difficulty. That is to say, for a small/local business that just started its online campaigns, it is not recommended to focus on these keywords. Alternatively, more local or longtail keywords might produce better results Here is a list of top real estate SEO keywords:

Keyword or phrasevolumeDifficulty
Real estate 450.000high
Multiple Listing Service10.000Medium
Houses for sale1.000.000high
For sale by owner110.000high
Commercial real estate 110.000high
MLS listings74.000high
Condos for sale 110.000high
For sale 49.500high
Buying a house 40.000medium
townhomes for sale40.500medium
houses for sale by owner22.200medium
houses for sale near me550.000high



Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, can help you rank more quickly. Here is a list of top long-tailed SEO keywords:

Keyword or phrase
steps to selling a house with a realtor
how to sell your house fast by realtor
how to sell your house fast with a realtor
sell your house in 7 days
how to choose a real estate agent for selling
how to hire a realtor to sell home
Things Real Estate Agents Should Be Doing
real estate agent duties to seller
how to get your real estate license
12 Ways the Best Real Estate Agents Their Clients
how to get clients in real estate business
how to get real estate leads
buyer leads for real estate agents
real estate leads for new agents
best real estate lead generation 2020
exclusive real estate leads
things real estate agents need
real estate marketing plan
real estate marketing strategies examples
luxury real estate marketing ideas
marketing strategies for real estate agents
seo tips for real estate agents
seo examples for real estate
seo for real estate investors
how do i attract real estate clients
real estate marketing techniques
how to attract real estate investors
how to attract real estate listings
how to attract real estate buyers
how to collect real estate commission
how do real estate brokers get paid
do real estate agents get paid hourly
do real estate agents get paid a salary
who pays the real estate agent
who pays realtor fees in California
how much do realtors cost
average realtor fees
how to be successful in real estate sales
days to successful real estate
habits of successful real estate agents
real estate agent trends
what does seo mean in real estate
What is the best real estate search engine?
On Page SEO for real estate?
real estate seo keywords
best real estate seo keywords for 2020
keywords for real estate investors
local seo real estate agent
keywords for real estate

Bottom Line

As Google evolves, it focuses more on the nature of your activities. Quality content writing on top keywords and phrases is the most important criterion for Google and other search engines. So the bottom line is, focus on your clients and customers and provide content tailored to their needs and demands. Google and other search engines will eventually place you where you belong and help bring more leads to your real estate website.

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