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Real Estate Listing Promotion Made Easy

To sell a home, people need to know it is for sale. So as a real estate agent, getting people to see your listing is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

The most common listing promotion techniques are already played out. More advanced techniques take too long or are too expensive. What many agents need are real estate listing promotion strategies that are easy to implement and affordable.

So we put together a list.

1) Feature Your Best Listings In A Top 10 Blog Post

Browsing real estate listings is fun. But the sheer number of listings can be overwhelming. You can add value by curating your listings and publishing them in a blog post. Get creative with the categories to stand out from your competitors. Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

“Top 6 Homes For Someone In The Fire (Financial Independence, Retire Early) Movement” 

“Top 8 Homes That Hold Potential For Rental Income”

2) Create A Single Property Website

The standardized MLS listing does not work for all homes. If your listing sets itself apart with luxury or even if it has a long and interesting history, you may consider a single property website. A single property website frees you from the MLS mold and lets the unique aspects of your listing shine through. 

3) Mention Your Listings In A Newsletter

Email newsletters are a great place to promote listings because they are opt-in. This means everyone is more responsive to the content. If you are looking for some help getting your newsletter off the ground, check out our list of 51 Content Ideas for Your Real Estate Newsletter.

4) Create Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook dynamic ads work like an Amazon recommendation. When a lead leaves your site, you can use dynamic ads to recommend more listings. This allows you to maintain a connection with your leads across platforms.

Dynamic Facebook Ads

5) Broadcast Your Listings From A Tv

Did you know a smart TV can double as a billboard? This can be useful for listing promotion in high traffic areas like an office window or at an open house. Check out Realtyna’s TV App for more on this technology.

6) Video Home Tours

Many agents hesitate to do video home tours because they do not have the time, equipment or personality to make them successful. At least this is what they say. I point these agents to Brad Simmons. He makes fun, personal videos about real estate in Kentucky. And he does it without the bells and whistles of advanced editing. If Brad can do it, so can you. 

7) Photo Contests

Real estate agents get to know their communities better than just about everyone. You can use this knowledge to engage leads and promote listings. Try taking a close up of a prominent listing in your community. Then get your leads to guess the street its on. You can provide a small prize to the winner as extra motivation.

8) Work With A Social Media Influencer

The marketing world is changing rapidly. And there are many new players in the game now. If you know someone on social media who has an audience you’d like to target, work with them to promote your listing.

9) Spruce Up The Yard

In many ways, real estate remains an intensely local business. And sometimes the best marketing is a beautiful view from the curb and a shiny for sale sign. This is especially true in high traffic areas. So work with the owners to invest in the yard to call attention to your listing.

10) Just Listed Mailers

It may seem old school, but there is still an audience out there for mailers. Use a professional photographer to give a quality presentation, print out the cards, and stick them in the mail. 

So this is real estate listing promotion made easy. Questions or feedback? Leave them in the comments. For more on real estate promotion, check out our tips for real estate niche marketing.

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