Pinterest for Real Estate: 7 Steps To Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

If you have a new real estate website, you need to get traffic to it.

One of the best ways is to use Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the fastest ways to search and save cool stuff on the Internet.

As a real estate agent you want to provide that stuff.

Cool photos. Visually attractive content. Anything that is going to make someone click through to your site, and save it to their board.

Here are 7 steps to generate leads and grow your real estate business with Pinterest.


The first thing you need is a blog. The idea is to post content on your blog. Then create a pin from it.

Anyone who clicks through the pin will land back on your blog, giving you a chance to capture a lead.

We have tons of tips on creating a real estate blog,  including a list of 11 real estate blog post ideas, to help get you started.


To help connect your Pinterest account with your blog, you should verify your site.

Verification will add your profile picture to any pins that come from your site. Verification also allows you access to web analytics to see what people on your site are saving.

To verify, you will need to download an html verification file from Pinterest then upload it to your website server.

Don’t worry; there are plenty of step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

And if you are a Realtyna client, we’ll gladly give you a hand.


Once you have some content on your blog, it’s time to start making pins.

This is where you can really shine.

Real estate is an industry that produces tons of visual content. Just think of all the websites, slideshows, TV shows, and movies out there about real estate.

It’s a fascinating lifestyle that attracts a lot of interest. Your content can be the same.

You just want to make sure your pins are optimized visually.

What does this mean?

They should be:


And they should include text.

There are tons of pin editors out there—Canva, PicMonkey, Studio Design, etc. Give them a try.

Post lots of content. See what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly.


Once you have a beautiful pin, you want to make sure it is found. To do this, you need to optimize your pins for search.

The first step is to optimize your blog post. You want to include keywords in the title of your blog post and the url.

We have more tips on how to optimize a real estate blog post for SEO here.


Once your blog post is optimized, now it’s time to create an optimized pin.

You should use the same keywords from your blog post in your pin title.

Then edit your pin to add the url from your blog post.

Finally add the blog title to the pin description.

This may seem like overkill. You will have the same keywords in your blog post title, blog url, your pin title, pin url, and pin description.

But this is what will make your pin easily findable. And it will help you attract more traffic.


Of course you will want to pin to your own board. But there may be other boards where you’d like to post. Find them by searching for some of your favorite keywords.

When you find a group engage with its members and request to join.

Great group boards will relate to your real estate marketing niche.


If a group board you want to join does not exists, create it.

Then invite your friends, colleagues, anyone in your business network to join it.

Make sure your group board is narrow enough generate specific pins. Groups boards for property type, neighborhood, clientele, etc. are perfect for this.


Lastly you want to remain active on Pinterest. You should make a point to follow, like, comment and repin content.

Ideally you want to do this as often as possible. There is no limit or consequence to posting frequently on Pinterest. Some people pin as often as 30 times a day.

Obviously you have to sell homes too. So find a balance that works for you.

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