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How Marketing Your Real Estate Listings with Facebook Dynamic Ads Can Help You Generate More Leads Quickly

All real estate agents have a common need—buyers. Therefore, all real estate agents engage in lead generation. But not all agents engage in lead generation in the same way. There are many competing philosophies on how to best identify new potential clients and market to them. In this blog, we will analyze one short-term strategy to increase leads—Facebook dynamic ads. Facebook dynamic ads are easy to implement, and they can expand the audience for your property listings quickly.

What Are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Facebook dynamic ads are a specific type of Facebook ad that allows you to market products and services to users who have previously visited your website. The idea is similar to Amazon’s recommendations. Your Facebook and Instagram leads see ads in their feed related to the listings they viewed on your site.

How Do Facebook Dynamic Ads Work?

Facebook dynamic ads for real estate work by connecting an agent’s Facebook account with his or her IDX site. Facebook gathers information about activity on the agent site, using a tool called Facebook Pixel. Pixel watches for searches, views, likes, and other events and triggers a report if they occur. When the lead leaves the site and visits Facebook or Instagram, Facebook recommends more listings in that leads’ feed.

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What Are the Advantages of Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Like all lead generation strategies, Facebook dynamic ads have advantages and disadvantages. We outline some of them below.


Facebook dynamic ads do not take long to set up. In an afternoon, you can build a catalog of listings and set the parameters for your dynamic ads. For more on this process, check out How Can I Connect My IDX Listings to Facebook?

Potential Audience

The potential audience for your listings on Facebook is massive. As of 2017, Facebook had 2 billion monthly active users.


Facebook provides strong targeting tools for your ads and campaigns. Moreover, these tools allow you to subset your leads into categories and develop specific marketing strategies for each.

What Are the Disadvantages of Facebook Dynamic Ads?

But Facebook dynamic ads are not perfect. For all of their benefits these ads come with certain challenges.


Dynamic ads are not free. In fact, Facebook charges for all of their ads and campaigns. The more ads you run, and the longer you run them, the more you pay.


Facebook ads only work so long as you pay to keep them up. So in effect, they are temporary, as opposed to organic content, which can be seen as more permanent. But ss soon as you stop paying Facebook, the ads come down.


With 2 billion users in play, there is no shortage of advertisers on Facebook. You will need to compete with several close competitors in your market.

Now you know how Facebook ads can be an effective short-term lead generation strategy for real estate agents. Questions or feedback? Leave them in the comments. Or for more on this topic, check out 9 Steps to Create a WordPress Website That Sends IDX to Facebook.


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