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9 Steps to Create a WordPress Website That Sends IDX to Facebook

To create a WordPress website that sends IDX to Facebook, you should install Realtyna WordPress software. Then, create Facebook Ads, Business, and Developers accounts and add the information to the Realtyna Facebook Add-on.

Facebook is a powerful platform for extending your reach as a real estate agent. We’ve written several times about how to publish a blog post on Facebook and attract more visitors. Did you know you can post IDX listings to Facebook too?

Adding IDX listings to Facebook will showcase your listings to leads even after they’ve left your website. This can increase traffic to your site and boost conversion rates.

WordPress users can build a website that sends IDX to Facebook with Realtyna’s Organic MLS Integration and Facebook Add-on.

We go into details below.


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9 Steps to Create a WordPress Website that Sends IDX to Facebook

  1.    Log into WordPress
  2.    Install Realtyna software
  3.    Access Facebook Ads Account
  4.    Create an App
  5.    Set Up Marketing API
  6.    Select a Business Account
  7.    Get App ID and Secret
  8.    Get Business ID
  9.    Get Token
  10.    Configure Add-on
  11.    Send Listings to Facebook
  12.    Create Campaigns


Log Into WordPress

Log into your WordPress account and navigate to plugins.

Install Realtyna Software

You will install the Realtyna software in two steps.

From the ‘Plugins’ menu, click “Add New” then “Upload.” Then, browse for the WPL zip file.

Then navigate to WPL>Purchased Add-ons. From menu you should select Organic MLS Integration and Facebook Add-on.

Realtyna software will be made available for installation as soon as you complete your purchase.

Access Facebook Ads Account

All Facebook users automatically have a Facebook Ads account. Click on the following link to access it: https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/
You may need to log in if you haven’t already. You will use this account later to create campaigns.


Create an App

You should access your Facebook developer’s account: https://developers.facebook.com/

If you have not created one, Facebook will ask you to confirm you login credentials first.

Next, you will want to create a new app by hovering over my apps, and clicking “Create New App.”

Facebook IDX


Setup Marketing API

Within your app, scroll down until you see Marketing API. Click “Set Up.”

Then, enter Settings > Advanced.

Facebook IDX
Facebook IDX


Select A Business Account

Now, scroll down until the “Business Manager” panel. Here you should select your Facebook business account. If you do not have one, you may create one by going to https://business.facebook.com/ or by clicking “Get Started.” Once you have selected your business account, click save.

Facebook IDX

Get App ID and Secret

  1. Navigate to Settings > Basic. Here you will find your App ID and Secret.
  2. Copy and paste these into the Facebook Add-on in WPL.

Facebook IDX

Facebook IDX


Get Business ID


To get your business ID, go to your Facebook Business account. Enter your Business Settings. Then, click on Business Info. You will see a Business Manager ID. Copy this into the Facebook Add-on.


Get Token

From the app in your developer’s account, click on Marketing API in the left sidebar. Then, click tools. Next, select all token permission. Now, click on Get Token. Copy and paste this token into the Facebook Add-on in WPL.

Facebook IDX

Configure Add-on

From the Add-on settings you should configure the catalog and field mapping.

Send Listings to Facebook

There a two ways to send IDX to Facebook using Realtyna software. You can select individual properties from the Listing Manager. Or you can use bulk actions from the Facebook Add-on dashboard.

Facebook IDX

Create Campaigns

Your WordPress site is now ready to send IDX to Facebook. You can create campaigns around these listings from your Facebook Ads account.

For more tips about IDX and Facebook, check out 6 Reasons Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Have a Facebook Page and 9 Tips to Invigorate Your Facebook Page and Generate More Real Estate Leads Today.

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