Instagram for Realtors: What’s New?

Instagram for Realtors: What’s New?

It’s 2021 and social media is more important than ever for Realtors. As time goes on, it’s apparent that Instagram is one of the most successful platforms for Realtors. And, it’s no surprise. Instagram is visual heaven, where Realtors can post listings in all their glory.  

So, now that it’s 2021, it’s interesting to know how Instagram has changed, what’s new and what is still a golden standard.

Let’s dive in.

Instagram Reels

Even though it’s not a new feature, it’s still somewhat uncharted territory for Realtors. Used to more traditional Instagram layout, Realtors oftentimes don’t include Reels in their marketing strategy. 

Considering that Reels is a relatively new feature, Instagram pays a lot of attention to who’s using it, and it rewards people who are actively engaging with the Reels. Gen Z’s are not the only one who enjoy this platform. Older generations are also enjoying the bite size content.

The Instagram Reels is a platform you can be creative with. Educational content, videos of your listings, and virtual tour sneak peaks, all these ideas are useful content for Instagram Reels.

Considering that Reels’ is a platform oriented on shorter videos, it won’t be hard for Realtors to recycle already existing content on the Reels platform.

Consistency Is Still a Key

Even though the Instagram algorithm is constantly evolving and changing, some things stay constant. And consistency is one of those things. Often, people get intimidated by the implication of posting consistently. But consistency doesn’t equal posting every day, or multiple times a day. It just indicates that if you post on a certain day, you should keep up with posting. There is no pressure. 

Instagram Stories, IGTV, Instagram Main Feed, Instagram Live

Good old stories, IGTV, Instagram Main Feed, and Instagram Live are still as important as ever.  Try to post on all these platforms consistently. The year 2020 showed how important it is to have a proficient understanding of social media channels, the way they work, and how they can be used for your business. Virtual tours are one of the best examples of how real estate agents were adapting to the current situation. How can Instagram help you with that? You can utilize Instagram live for virtual tours.

All in all, utilizing all the platforms will help you to:

  • Increase engagement
  • Increase of reach
  • And even drive the traffic to your website

Instagram Carousel Posts 

Shareable and saveble content is very popular on Instagram nowadays. These are the posts people are often interacting with. Considering that soon enough, likes will disappear from the Instagram platform, shareable content will become one of those staple posts on Instagram.

Educational tips and tricks that only real estate agents know is perfect content for the carousel posts. We suggest remembering all the questions your clients are always asking you, and have a once or twice a week, a series of Realtor tips where you go through detail about all these questions.

Micro Blogging on Instagram

Stats show that longer captions is what attracts people nowadays. That’s why micro blogging is on the rise. It’s especially a comfortable format if you’re sharing your personal experience, something people can relate to. Having a longer caption, aka micro blog for such occasions is very useful.

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