IGTV for Real Estate Agents

IGTV for Real Estate Agents

The popularity of virtual tours is growing more and more each day. The pandemic showed us that it’s not a necessity to attend the property to see its potential. Therefore, real estate agents are harnessing the power of video marketing more effectively these days. That means cross-posting video content on different platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok. 

With the big success of videos on Tiktok as well as the unfortunate news of a possible ban, experts predict that Instagram will become more and more of the focus, especially its IGTV app. 

Real estate agents are no strangers to IGTV. Since it first came out, real estate agents are consistently using it. And with a new format (videos up to one hour) it’s a perfect platform to post virtual tours videos.

Here we present some tricks that might help you on your own journey of harnessing the power of IGTV.

Let’s dive in.

Preview Function 

Even though IGTV can be used as a standalone app, we recommend always using a preview function. With a preview function, your video content has more visibility since it’s appearing on your feed as well. As social media experts suggest, with the preview function, the Instagram algorithm recognizes the importance of the content and showcases it more regularly on your followers’ feed.

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Repurpose Your Content

Real estate agents are busy people, and they don’t always have time to shoot different videos for every platform. Therefore we suggest repurposing the content. Even though Instagram’s IGTV has a vertical video format, there are online platforms that will help you to convert your standard video format into a vertical one.


We said it time and time again, online interaction is what makes an account stand-up. Obviously, it takes time and energy to actually respond and interact with your followers, but this is exactly what drives engagement and traffic to your account. The Instagram algorithm loves when humans actually have a dialogue through comments. That signals an algorithm to increase the visibility of the post. If we ignore for a second the algorithm and turn to human psychology, we notice that when people feel valuable, when they see that their opinions matter, there is more chance that they will stay longer on your account and become loyal followers. So we strongly recommend being active when responding to the comments on your IGTV videos.

Comments, Comments, and Comments

Comments not only drive traffic and increase visibility, but they also are a great source of inspiration for your future content. Create a list of the most frequently asked questions and address them in your future videos. This will not only help you when you struggle with ideas but also show your followers that you actually pay attention to their feedback.

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