Why Should Real Estate Websites Host with Realtyna?

Why Should Real Estate Websites Host With Realtyna?

Building a real estate website that converts requires an extra level of attention and preparation. Given the necessities of the time, most real estate agents and brokers need to make sure their website remains fully responsive. Some realtors don’t work in the office anymore, and their website is actually their business premises. 

Why Should Real Estate Websites Host with Realtyna?

Realtyna has over 10 years of experience providing IDX websites for real estate agents and brokers. Realtyna believes in providing website building services to their fullest potential, so the clients don’t have to worry about dealing with other companies. 

That is why Realtyna offers premium hosting services that include the following:

  • Cloud computing
  • Managed security
  • IDX optimization
  • CDN
  • Multiple options for space and specs

Why Should You Opt for Realtyna’s Hosting Services?

Here are a couple of reasons why Realtyna’s hostings services are the best option for an IDX real estate website:

  • It is optimized for MLS integration: Based on the package you choose, you can enjoy the best possible speed and performance for your Organic MLS integration
  • It is featured with CDN: The content delivery network is a unique feature that helps users access data using a network closer to them. This will guarantee improved loading speeds.  
  • Realtyna offers multiple options. There is a collection of hosting packages you can choose to meet your needs and save costs. Check the following for more information:


Premium Web Hosting

How to Get Started?

To get the best of a real estate website, you can build a real estate website from the scratch with Realtyna. We help you build a converting IDX website with all the features you need, for instance:

If you are reading this, you are probably considering options to host your websites. Please contact our sales team today for a free consultation. They will help you with figuring out what works best for you:


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(650) 336 0000


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