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The Importance of Domain Name for Your Real Estate Website

Today’s article will talk about the importance of a domain name for your real estate website and how the right domain name can help improve your website traffic and SEO ranking. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading! 

Why Are Domain Names So Important for Your Real Estate Website?

Your domain name is a vital part of your real estate website as it allows people to find your company online. It also plays a significant factor in driving more potential clients to your website and increasing your lead generation. Having the right domain name can help drive more traffic to your real estate website and increase your ranking on search engines. Additionally, it represents your company and adds credibility to your business, making your customers more likely to trust your products and services. Investing in a domain name streamlines migration, which means that you will be free to switch hostings or change things up without it harming your SEO or ranking. 

How to Pick the Right Domain Name for Your Real Estate Website 

To ensure that you have the right domain name, you must consider the following: 

Keep the Name Short and Professional

Something to consider is to keep your domain name short and professional. The key is to make it possible for your clients to easily remember your domain name. By making it short and professional, people are more likely to remember it. In addition, the name should indicate what you are offering on your website. However, the content of your real estate website still plays a significant role in how search engines rank you. It’s not only about keywords but about choosing names that will connect you to your target audience. With a short and powerful domain name, you can make a more lasting impression on your clients. 

Pick a Unique Name

Pick a unique domain name and not just go with your agent name. Unless you are well known in the industry, people are less likely to recognize your name, so it is better to use highly searched keywords in your domain name to make it more recognizable on Google and other search engines. At the same time, try to make it unique and professional to leave a lasting impression. Try to match your domain with your company name as it reinforces your brand and makes it easier for your customers to remember you. It will also help your customers pass it along to friends and help expand your business through referrals. 

Take Control of Your Domain Extensions 

To protect your company, make sure to purchase and take control of all the widely used extensions of your domain name, such as .com, .org, and .net. This will prevent your domain name from being resold online with a different extension. It can also help you outrank your competitors on search engine results by controlling over variations of your domain name. 

Other Things to Take Into Consideration

Lastly, one more thing to take into consideration:

Do NOT use “Realtor” in your domain name. It is not recommended to use “Realtor” in your domain name because only the Members of the NAR are authorized to use the Realtor mark to indicate their NAR membership. So to avoid problems, it is advisable to come up with a unique name. 

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