How to Prepare Your Client's Home for Sale

How to Prepare Your Client’s Home for Sale

Selling a property can be a challenging experience for realtors and homeowners alike. Technology has provided so many advantages, and listing agents can take advantage of various tools to make the sales experience better. 

There are usually a lot of fo things you can do to prepare a house for sale, some of which depend on the season and the location. 

Be One Step Ahead of the Market

The real estate market is changing constantly these days. National and political events affect public decision making, one of the most important being buying/selling a home. As a realtor, you should know your local market well and be ready to provide what is needed. 

The key here is to know your data and statistics very well, so you can help your clients understand the best time to buy or sell. We are the real estate professionals in this relationship, and it is our job to analyze this. 

Plan Ahead

These days, you cannot simply grab the keys and show up at an open house for a showing. Even if you are allowed to show your listings in person, there are still a few health measures to take care of. Arrive earlier to disinfect surfaces and provide masks for all visitors. 

Also, make sure there is a protocol in place for maximum safety, both for you and your clients. These are conversations you should have with your agents and realtors before an open house. 

Take Advantage of Technology

In some areas, open house showings may not be possible. Also, there might be very interested buyers who are not comfortable with an in-person visit. This is where your digital capabilities come into play.

Here are a few ways technology comes to your assistance:

Organic MLS Integration

Presentation Is the Queen

A perfect presentation is key to attract the best clients. Make sure the property is:

  • Kept cleaned according to COVID-19 guidelines
  • Photographed professionally for an ultimate presentation
  • At its best before showing
  • Free from any legal obscurities and/or unfavorable backstories

Learn more about how to present your property in its best in the following article:

What to Consider When Showing Property Online?

Bottom Line

Selling a home can become a never-ending process if you (the listing agent) and your client are not fully prepared for it. Despite the fact that the vacancy rate is not a big deal anymore, both parties could waste a lot of time and effort, if the house doesn’t sell in time.

The bottom line is to make sure you have given the considerations discussed above enough time and effort.

If you are a real estate agent who is struggling with ways to generate leads online, the following guide might help you out:

Zoom Ultimate Playbook for Lead Generation: Guide 101

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