Real Estate Coaching - How Can You Become a Real Estate Coach?

Real Estate Coaching – How Can You Become a Real Estate Coach?

At the first glance, being in the real estate industry may seem like you don’t have much choice for a career. You can be a Realtor, real estate agent, or a broker and have your own team of agents to manage. But what else? Are there any other career choices?

Luckily for you, there are infinite possibilities in the real estate industry. And being a real estate coach is one of them.

In reality, not many people know how to become one. In this article, we will present a detailed guide on how to become a successful real estate coach.

What Is Real Estate Coaching?

The whole purpose of real estate coaching is to help real estate professionals. Sharing your experience and knowledge with your fellow colleagues, improving their businesses or helping real estate clients with investing decisions are all important functions of a real estate coach.

Consider a real estate coach a mentor figure who advises and shares his/her experience with their clients.

Why It Might Be Interesting To You?

So, what is the appeal of being a real estate coach? Well aside from altruistic reasons, aka the satisfaction of helping others, there are plenty of other more business related reasons.


Before you establish a coaching program, establish a coaching relationship with your clients. You’ll probably want to get to know your fellow real estate coaches and to learn more about their experience in terms of coaching. This is a perfect opportunity for networking.


The more real estate coaching clients you get, the more likely you are to get referred too. This will help your business to grow and become more recognisable.

Additional Income

Well, coaching is one way to earn additional income. And in some cases, it won’t be dependable on the state of the real estate market and the cyclical nature of real estate sales.

How To Become a Real Estate Coach?

Well, as with any other real estate career you need to have a license to conduct a coaching program. You can get a real estate coaching license, for example one that NAR has, as well as a general coaching license.

The most important part of being a real estate coach on the other hand is to create your own coaching program.

Think about what your prime expertise is. Are you great with first time homebuyers or are you a sellers agent? What real estate niche are you expert in? What are your strongest selling points?

Think about what specific skills you might bring to the table and how you will charge for your real estate program.

Based on those answers you can start developing your real estate coaching program.

So, what’s next? Of course, the marketing of your real estate coaching course is the next step. Use social media channels, offer discounts to your first clients, use ads to promote your coaching program.

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