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What is a Seller’s Agent

A seller’s agent, or a realtor, is a professional who helps a client list a property for sale. The agent of the seller represents the seller of the property and has loyalty to that party.

The seller’s agent shows the home to prospective buyers and arranges open-house events. Aside from these duties agent helps his/her client set a realistic & competitive price for the property, lists it in the MLS, determines a selling strategy and negotiates with buyers.

Let’s go over step by step what a seller’s agent usually does:

Staging a Home

A top listing seller’s agent will know how to maximize a property’s value so clients can receive the maximum amount for their home. A seller’s agent also identifies what improvements need to be done to the home or even recommend service providers.

As for staging a home, it is a different professional service. But an experienced agent can give advice and help to visualize the space in the best light.

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Marketing the Home

Depending on what kind of deal an agent or agency offers, marketing a home can vary from taking professional photos, 3D walkthroughs, even drone, or do a comparative market analysis to determine the price.

They will also arrange an open house, install a “for sale” sign in the yard, set up a lockbox, deliver flyers and put the house on the MLS and any other real estate search site.

Closing the Deal

An agent also plays part in closing the deal officially. As in, the seller’s agent guides the client through paperwork and everything that needs to be done to officially sell the property and hand over the key to the new owner.

Of course, all of these steps can be modified according to the client’s needs and the kind of deal they make with a seller’s agent, but all mentioned above are the fundamentals almost every seller’s agent covers.

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