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How To Drive Your Real Estate Leads To Believe In You

Okay, It’s not a secret that Americans often perceive real estate agents as pushy and egocentric. It’s also not a secret that a lot of people think that real estate professionals are overpaid for doing very little work. This might not be a pleasant thing to hear, but the first step towards resolving a problem is recognizing it exists.

If you think there may be a little truth in previous statements, keep on reading because this perceptions of realtors in the American society makes it extra hard for you to master the art of persuasion and we are here to provide a few tips and tricks for you to persuade your clients and real estate leads better than ever.

Plant it and Repeat

Why are real estate agents perceived as pushy? Easy- because they try really hard to get a point across and that’s totally understandable. Their paycheck depends on the “yes’s” they get. However, clients don’t care about reasoning, they care about the value and comfort you provide for them. Part of that comfort is persuading them they are not pushed to make a decision.

Then how do you get your yes without pushing your agenda? That is an advanced art of persuasion. Most agents know key points of their agenda- List with me, Hire me, Say yes, etc..

You can push it without pushing it by repeating these key points of your agenda in a context that is not pushy.

What does repeating do? It plants the decision in your real estate leads’ brain that later on he/she is going to make. This is not a scientific fact, no one can really prove it, but what can we do is look at the results. Practice shows that these psychological tricks work most of the time.

Although repeating the key points won’t get us far if the context is not just right, in the perfect balance of not being pushy, but solid enough to persuade. 

Long story short, tell your clients they can say no, but with the wording that allows you to say

‘yes’ couple of times in the sentence. Tell them to make a decision soon without giving them a hard deadline using words like ‘If’ and ‘When’ but also repeat the phrase ‘make a decision’ couple times.

To sum up, choose a point, repeat it, but don’t push it too hard.


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Respectful Confidence

You may think one thing most real estate agents do not lack is: confidence. But a lot of them get the game wrong. This actually, is the reason why real estate agents are perceived egocentric and too much into themselves.

Before you exude confidence externally, you should work on it internally. Internal confidence comes with the competence you generate through your experience and success. When and if you are past that point, confidence becomes your organic mode, but if you’re not there yet, you can somewhat fake it with the help of psychology.

Now, fair warning- this technique is very advanced and if overdone or underdone could be disastrous. But if you are confident enough you can master it, then consider your life changed.

A lot of real estate agents use too many positive adjectives regarding their work and/or listings, make too much emphasis on every little detail or oversell themselves or their listings. People get used to that and that’s why these tactics don’t always work anymore. 

The game needs a different approach- what if I tell you that even if you are the one who sells, you should make people work for your attention and sometimes you have to be aloof enough to make them believe you are too good to waste energy on being too much in one’s face.

Needless to say, one needs a good enough reputation to implement these practices in reality for them to work. But one thing everyone can adopt is stressing on something positive regarding their work, making strong eye contact and being openly persuasive only when the stakes are high. Other than that, let your work and others speak of you highly and provide your clients with facts.


“Limited time only” offers are usually not that limited and most of the general audience caught up on that. So there is a good chance saying to your real estate leads that they need to act soon or a property will be out of the market because of how amazing it is, won’t work. Especially with millenials and gen Z,  popular marketing tactics are too tired for their tastes and budget.

On the other hand, showcasing something is limited or scarce really does work. So as a real estate agent what should you do? You should still use it, but don’t be too obvious. Don’t tell your clients demand is really high and they need to decide soon unless it’s absolutely true. Instead, nonchalantly mention something that stresses on the demand on the property. If possible tell a story that includes information about how popular it is, but seemingly makes it about something else.

Bottom Line

In the modern, post-industrial world, the most valuable thing is people’s attention and while everyone in the business tries to get it with the help of different tactics to persuade them to buy or sell, some of those tactics became overused and obvious. 

Making your message subliminal is the new challenge of the century. We need to learn to persuade real estate leads subconsciously and the best way to manage that is doing your own research. What makes your own audience tick, what makes them want more and, most importantly, what makes them say yes. However, bottom line in this new age persuasion tactics is to keep in mind that you need to do it subconsciously and be less “in someone’s face” and more in their brain( in the best case- heart).

Got a burning question or two? Let us know in the comments below and for stronger persuasion skills Check out our cool tips How to Target Millennial Homebuyers

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