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Tips to Consider When Choosing a Theme for Your WordPress Real Estate Website

As a real estate agent, your website is essential in attracting your prospective clients. That is why it is important to focus on your website theme when establishing it. Your theme sets your website’s tone and provides your clients with clear information on what your website is all about. If your website looks professional, your clients will stay on it longer. That’s why in today’s article, we will give you some tips on how to pick the best theme for your website. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

Make a List of Features You Want for Your Website 

A good way to determine which theme is suitable for you is by making a list of features you want for your website. Before choosing a theme, identify which features you want to provide. Then, have a specific design in mind and select features that align with your ideas. Try to prepare a checklist beforehand to make it easier for you to choose a theme that best aligns with your needs. Going in without prior knowledge or plan will only confuse you with the wide range of selections, so make sure that you have prepared a plan beforehand. 

Pick a Theme With IDX Integration 

Having an IDX feed on your website provides your clients with the latest listings in your area. By picking a theme with IDX Integration, you can guarantee a boost in your website traffic and SEO ranking. Your clients will also consider your website a reliable source and keep coming back for more information. 

Pick a Mobile-Friendly Theme 

Many real estate clients use their mobile devices when searching for listings, so it’s no wonder that a lot of your website traffic comes from mobile users. Thus, it’s important to pick a mobile-friendly theme. A theme that looks good on all devices will drive more traffic to your website and keep your customers satisfied.  

Read the Themes’ Description and Reviews 

A good way to tell if a theme meets your preferences is by reading the description. Check if all your preferred features are available for the theme before purchasing it. Read people’s reviews and testimonials to see what they liked about it or see which features you can improve. Compare it with other themes you have in mind and try to get as much information as possible before making any decisions. An excellent way to test a particular theme is by trying out its free demo. 

Recommended Themes For Your WordPress Real Estate Website 

WordPress is known to be one of the most reliable hosting platforms, and many real estate professionals use WordPress when building their websites. There are a lot of themes compatible with WordPress websites. Below we have outlined some of the best:

  • Sesame: Seasame is one of the most flexible WordPress themes offered by Realtyna. It has customization options and comes with many features such as MLS feed, IDX, Google maps, and plugins that you can use to set up your real estate website easily. 
  • Divi theme: Divi theme is highly customizable and offers a wide range of premade demo templates that can be adjusted and customized based on your preferences. 
  • Avada theme: As for the Avada theme, real estate professionals can use it to build a well-structured website and offer a variety of features such as sliders, widgets, and much more. 
  • Bridge theme: Lastly, the Bridge theme, known to be one of the most powerful WordPress real estate themes. It provides a lot of flexibility in its features and comes with a WP bakery page builder which can be adjusted based on your preferences.
  • Lavender Framework, First On-The-Fly RESO Web API Front-end
    Lavender is a real estate theme and framework that is compatible with all frameworks and technologies. You can create a headless real estate website with Lavender thanks to the power RealtyFeed API.

    Try this theme here:

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