How to Use WordPress for a Real Estate Website in 7 Simple Steps

If you are on the hunt for information on creating a real estate website, consider your search over. There are thousands of different routes you can take to build your website, but WordPress is the way to go. Between the ease of use and the features available, there is no reason why you cannot excel on the WordPress platform.

Do not let the idea overwhelm you. To help you ease into this transition, I have outlined 7 simple steps to getting your real estate website up and running with WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress gets an A+ in user-friendliness, all the while, completely customizable. Whether you are new to technology or a coding pro, you will find your place within this platform. There are already thousands of features, themes, plugins and add-ons available as well as the ability for developers to create more for you.

How To Create a Real Estate Website With WordPress?

Step 1: Choose Domain

Your first step is to secure the domain you want or prepare to transfer your already existing domain to WordPress. You want to keep some things in mind when choosing your domain name like SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization). For stronger SEO and better chances at ranking on Google, you want to keep your domain relevant and without prepositions. If you have a niche in a geographical area or certain type of property, you might want to consider including this in your domain as well.

Step 2: Make WordPress Account

Go to, click on “get started,” and follow the prompts.  

Step 3: Choose Real Estate Plug-In

A plugin will help you manage your website with specific functions and features geared towards real estate. There are many to choose from and each come with their pros and cons. For the purposes of this blog, I will mention Realtyna’s WPL and WPL Pro products. Regardless of the plugin you choose, you will click “download,” follow the prompts and the installation instructions that should be clearly listed on the plugin’s page. If you choose to work with Realtyna, you can easily ask for support here or contact the author of the plugin you chose.

Step 4: Choose Theme

A plugin will help you with the basic functions of your website, but a theme is the backbone of your website design. You can browse themes on WordPress or search for 3rd party themes that fit your vision. In any case, you need to assure that the theme you choose will be compatible with all other plugins, features and future additions on your website. In the case of WPL, you can choose from 9 compatible themes and see how they work in practice with their demo sites.



Step 5: Set Up Hosting

Depending on what you have planned for your website, you will want to consider hosting your data on 3rd party servers. If you intend to integrate property listings, this is a bit more essential. You can find many great hosting options around, just be sure that they are up to standards for your future plans. If you are not sure about this, check with your step 6 developers (your IDX providers). If you continue working with Realtyna products, you can also choose to host with them.

Step 6: Integrate Listings

A real estate website is pretty useless without properties. Integrating listings can be quite a process but it starts with what method of integrating is best for you. You want to consider SEO, speed and price. You can import your own listings, use iFrames or import organically with RETS or IDX FTP. For more detailed information about your different options, check out this blog. Again, if you want to keep everything, “in house,” Realtyna can easily help you find a solution!

Step 7: Extras

Now you have a website complete with a custom domain, sleek design and property listings, congratulations! But do not stop there, take your website to the next level. Keep your website up to date with new, cool features and add-ons. Start a blog, include contact information and agent profiles. For ideas on what extras you should include, check out all the products Realtyna suggests and consider which ones are good for you.

And just like that, you are on the path to real estate success. 

If you have any questions, comments or other tips we missed, leave a comment below, and make sure to check out more of our blog posts. 

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