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Useful Tactics While Working with Clients-Real Estate Edition

The real estate industry is a huge topic in general. It has millions of people working in this industry around the world. And sometimes it is very hard to become more famous than others in this industry. Being a real estate agent requires a lot of work and knowledge while working with clients. 

Today, we are going to speak about five main tactics that every real estate agent should use while working with future customers. These tactics will help the agent to raise his or her voice in this huge industry. We will outline these tactics and try to explain why they are the most useful ones for real estate agents when they are working with clients.

Let’s jump into it!

Good Tactics/Advice for Real Estate Agents

Working with clients in the real estate industry is not an easy or simple job. You should be detail-oriented, knowledgeable and show how motivated you are during the working process. You need to have good communication skills to have good relations with your customers, emailing strategies for better management, showing respect to your clients and more. This will definitely help you to grow your real estate business and be the leading power in this huge and changeable industry. 

Easy-to-Understand Emailing

Emailing is not an easy job. You need to have explanatory skills and be able to write in a simple way. If someone is interested in your listed property, there is no need for you to speak in a difficult way. The only thing you need to succeed while speaking about emailing, is that you should try your best to be as clear as possible. Try to communicate with easy words and sentences and remember that clients only want you to be very understandable and polite at the same time. For more information about online communications, please check my article on online communication tips and tricks for real estate agents.


Every business requires follow ups with clients for future success. You should remind yourself of your clients. Maybe they have forgotten to text or call you back, or they didn’t receive the previous email. In this case, follow up is the best option. With this, you will not be worried about any issue, and also you will remind your client that you are happily waiting for them. For more information about the real estate business, please check our article on 6 essential tools to take your real estate business online.

Respect Client’s Time

Sometimes, clients are not ready to have a long conversation with agents on the phone. Quite simply, they are also working, and sometimes it is very hard to have conversations during or after a hard working day. When you are contacting your former or current clients, you can tell them that you are calling them for a short, several-minute conversation, so that they will listen to you carefully and will not hang up the phone. This will show your clients that you respect them and their time. 

Showing Personality

Real estate agents are those who help their clients in one of the biggest decisions they will make — owning a house. Customers need to have trust toward agents while communicating or working with them. Quite simply, they want to know about the agents who are working with them during this huge process. While communicating with clients, real estate agents should show their personality to gain the client’s trust. Building up a relationship between a real estate professional and client is an essential tool for both client and agent success. 


When you have a face-to-face meeting with a client or a Zoom call, you should carefully choose the clothing. Dresscode is an important aspect of our daily life. There is no written rule for real estate agents on how they can dress up during any season. Quite simply, we have different types of dress codes or clothing in different situations or in different weather. For more, please check our articles on real estate wardrobe essentials: a guide for real estate dress code

Last Several Words

Professionalism is something that helps us to be productive and valuable in the industry we work in. Want to know about it in the real estate industry? Check my article on how to be a professional real estate agent.

Without any online presence, it is impossible to have a good emailing strategy or to do good follow-ups. Are you interested in an online presence in the real estate industry? Then you should definitely check our article on how real estate agents can increase their online presence in 2021.

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