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SEO in Action: How to Increase your SEO on your WordPress IDX Site

Do you have a WordPress IDX website? Follow these steps and your page will have more chances to get into top search results. Improve your SEO for your IDX site with these simple examples.

Optimizing URL

You have probably heard that links for your pages should be easier to read for users and also for Google. 

This means that a URL should contain words of a post title, keywords and refrain from using some unknown symbols or irrelevant words. 

Now we will show how to SEO in action for your WordPress IDX site.

Step 1

Go to your admin panel. 

Step 2

Go to Settings>Permalinks

SEO step by step

Step 3

Select “Post Name”

SEO IDX SiteThis process will automatically change future permalinks to match the title of the page. To further optimize your URLs so that they are as optimized as possible, you can also manually edit them.

Just click Permalink which is on the right side of “Edit Post” page and enter or edit the URL. It is good to keep URLs short, to the point, and with all the keywords. Filler words, or words that don’t offer value should be omitted. 

SEO step by stepFor example, if you have a house to sell in Ohio your Permalink should be “house-for-sell-Ohio”.

Creating SEO IDX Pages in WPL

The previously mentioned technique is great for general website pages and blog posts, but managing the thousands upon thousands of IDX pages is too much to be done by hand. 

In this case, WPL has a handful of SEO settings that can be manipulated for your listings. Navigate to WPL > Setting > SEO and you will be able to customize the URL pattern of all your listing pages. 

WPL permalink


*Redirect Links You Have Already Shared*

When you finish optimizing Permalinks, you should redirect any links or posts you have already shared, to their new URLs. If you forget to redirect new URLs,  any previously published links will result in a 404 Not Found error. 

Capitalize Your Titles

Google likes capitalized titles. This is very simple to do. Just make sure, every word in your post title starts with a capitalized letter. 

Title case is also a popular option. In this case, the first letter of every word in the title or heading is capitalized. 

Incorrect: House for sale in Arizona

Correct: House For Sale In Arizona

Optimize Image Loading Speed

If images on your website need more than 3 seconds to load, count on losing the user. 

This could have multiple reasons such as several requests from the database as a result of too many items on the home page. 

The most important factor is images. Designers usually choose large images for their site. This is because large images usually have a better display quality. 

But these high resolution images are often large in space size. This will cause a delay in loading time. Optimizing these images and making sure they are not very big in size can help. 

Create A Blog

Having a blog on your IDX website is really good for SEO. 

This means, you can provide answers for searched questions about Real Estate in Google and other platforms. 

If you use the backlinks in your articles correctly, you may end up closing a deal.

This happens like this:

For example, the user searches for Real Estate news and finds your website in search results. 

He reads what he wanted to read and finds how interestingly you mention another topic.  He redirects to that page and stays on your website longer. 

If you provide good content, he may conclude that your website is cool and start interacting with it regularly.

All this keeps your brand name in the back of his or her mind when they need to buy or sell a house. 

This may take a while but it’s worth the try. 


What’s next?

Search Engine Optimization is like taking care of a newborn. It is not the first few days and months that count. It’s a lifetime process. Your SEO manager for your IDX Site must keep an eye on how links pan out, what is the feedback from the blog and work on ways to develop it. You cannot keep working on the same topic and expect people to stay on your site. 

You should learn the latest standards of search engines such Google. A ranking technique that is working now might turn into a spamming technique next year. Keywords must constantly change according to what is being searched by users all over your market. You should use your keywords at the beginning of a title and several times in the body. But naturally.

Remind yourself that titles should be capitalized and your images should not take too long to loadAnd don’t forget about blogging on a regular basis.


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