Realtyna’s WPL API and Its Benefits for Website Developers

Realtyna’s WPL API and Its Benefits for Website Developers

Realtyna’s WPL Plugin has come a long way and it is now one of the best real estate website creation tools on the market. Building a website is a complex procedure and there is a myriad of designs and options in the mind of developers. Realtyna’s technical team offers WPL API, which enables developers to add their own features and options and be able to run alternative services on the plugin. 

Before that though, let’s take a quick look at WPL itself and its fascinating features for real 

estate websites featuring IDX:

What is WPL?

WPL is a robust WordPress Plugin with a lot of features for real estate websites. It is designed to meet all the requirements of a converting IDX website. 

Main Features:

  • Map with listing pins
  • Basic and advanced search through all listings—conveniently customizable
  • Landing page creation
  • Agent profiles and agent pages
  • Walk score


Lead capturing features:

  • Agent contact form
  • Requesting a visit form
  • Send to a friend
  • Social media share buttons


And more:

  • Unique and customizable SEO friendly URLs for listings
  • PDF flyer
  • Print features
  • Property comparison
  • Favorite listings

For more on WPL PRO, check out our website:


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What is WPL API?

This API helps you develop your very own solutions based on Realtyna’s WPL. This API is based on HTTP and RESTful technology 

Learn more about real estate APIs in the following blog:

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Things to Consider Before Using WPL API

Here are a few things you should consider before using the WPL API plugin:

1. When building applications, make sure you are familiar with the underlying API HTTP methodology.

2. A valid Authorization header must be sent if you are using an alternative client.

3. All the Request and Response body of codes are done in JSON.

Top Features of WPL API?

As an application programming interface, WPL API offers interesting tools to developers. Here is a couple of interesting benefits:

  • Customize Functionality Based On WPL Features And Add-ons

WPL comes with a variety of features out of the box, but there is always room for further customizations. Using WPL API, you can create your favorite functionalities and serve your clients better. You can:

  • Obtain real-time data from WPL;
  • Query listings and properties;
  • Apply filters;
  • Query lots of other information.


  • Build Your Own Apps 

Using the information above, you can use the WPL API plugin to build apps and functionalities outside WPL. You can also create registration and user management in your application.

Using the queries mentioned above, you can:

  • Add and remove favorites
  • Load favorites
  • Save a search
  • Reset a password via SMS
  • Show listing details


  • Reach New Pool of Customers

With more tailored features, you can gain access to a longer range of audiences. 

If you are a developer, you should definitely check out the documentation for more details.

Final Thoughts

WPL API plugin is another fascinating feature of our WPL. It can take your real estate website functionalities to a whole new level. 

Please share your experience with WPL and WPL API plugin if you have used it. Should you have any questions, you can always contact our tech team for support and exploring your options. 

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