What Personality Types Make the Best Real Estate Agents?

11 personality traits seen in top agents

One of the great things about real estate is the flexibility. Because it doesn’t require super advanced degrees, the industry is virtually open to everyone. Still, there are some personality types that seem to do better than others.

1. Social

At its core real estate is a social business. Agents are constantly meeting with clients, learning about them and their needs, and finding ways to serve them most effectively. They also network relentlessly to build relationships with those that can provide referrals. The best agents enjoy this aspect of the job and prefer not to be stuck behind a computer all day.

real estate agent personality

2. Extroverted

Real estate has a large marketing component. Agents need to market the homes they sell but also themselves. Building a brand online and in person requires self-promotion and a desire to attract attention to yourself and your work. It helps to be comfortable with this and willing to embrace it.
real estate agent personality

3. Self-motivated

Many real estate agents are their own bosses. They set their own schedules, find their own clients, and ultimately they answer to no one but themselves. The best agents succeed in this environment by being self-starters. They have a drive that gets them up in the morning motivates them to stay productive throughout the day.
real estate agent personality


4. Detail-Oriented

A real estate agent’s job is to help a client acquire or sell property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Any transaction with this much at stake has legal, economic, and financial implications. A real estate agent should be comfortable working with all related legal contracts. They also need to understand the housing market and the forces that affect it.
real estate agent personality

5. Dependable

Real estate is a client-based industry. The best agents view clients as their most important asset. They work hard to make sure their needs are served. And they are dependable. When they say they will call back, they do.
real estate agent personality

6. Relatable

In real estate not every lead is going to work out. There will be some periods where you are cycling through a number of clients in a short period. So real estate agents should get good at making their clients feel comfortable. This will make for a positive working environment and increase the chances of getting a sale or referral.
real estate agent personality

7. Persuasive

Real estate agents have access to more information about the housing industry than anyone else. This is what makes them good at their jobs. As an agent you need to use this information to advise your clients appropriately. You need to be committed and convincing in your advice to help your clients make the best decision possible.
real estate agent personality

8. Persistent

Deals fall through. It happens. The best agents stay persistent, fight through periods of low revenues, and ultimately come out better off at the other end.
real estate agent personality

9. Brave

There is something scary about striking off on our own that makes most of us hesitate. It might be that you are responsible for your own income or knowing that there will be down periods. In real estate it helps to be fearless.
real estate agent personality

10. Leadership

Some agents go as far as becoming a broker. They set up a business and manage a team of agents. These agents strive in a leading role and the added responsibilities that come with it.
real estate agent personality


Real estate is highly competitive. There are only so many houses that can sell and more and more agents enter the market each year. To separate from the pack, agents need to analytical, They should always be looking for a business edge.
real estate agent personality


You can always improve yourself as an agent. You have to work hard and understand what are the personal qualities you want to develop.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If there’s a personality trait that you think we left out, note it and the comments below. 

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  • Layla Moss
    Posted at 14:57h, 16 May

    I want to become a real estate agent but I am a little on the shy side when I first meet someone I have just meet. What is a good way for me to become more social and comfortable around new people?

    • Ana
      Posted at 04:20h, 18 May

      Hey Layla. First of all, I want to mention that practice helps you improve your skills. Even if you’re shy, after putting yourself in uncomfortable situations so many times, you get used to it. Anything is possible with hard work. You can also see our motivational article: https://realtyna.com/blog/10-motivational-quotes-real-estate-agents/