The Importance of Demographic Tools for Your Real Estate Website

The Importance of Demographic Tools for Your Real Estate Website

Customers are always concerned about location while searching for their future property. They may ask different questions about it like where it is located, what business centers or restaurants are located nearby, what schools are near their property and more. If you are a real estate agent, broker or professional, then you definitely know what I’m talking about. But what is demographic intelligence? 

Demographics are simply data that describe the composition of a population, such as gender, income, population growth and more. Demographic intelligence can be considered one of the main aspects in the real estate industry, and quite simply, it can also affect the value of properties as well. 

There is definitely a need for demographic information on every property listed on real estate websites. Website viewers need to see as much information as possible about the properties they are interested in. Today we are going to discuss what add-ons can be used to be more specific while listing your property. 

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Demographic Tools 

Demographic intelligence plays a huge role in the decision-making process. Real estate website visitors need to have as much information as possible about the properties they are interested in. Demographic tools will definitely help real estate website owners to run successful real estate websites and honor their visitors by uploading important information on each property. 

We are going to outline 5 main demographic tools for your real estate website: Demographic Add-on, School Information, Yelp Integration and more. We will highlight the important features these add-ons have and how they will help real estate websites to stand out from other websites available on the market. 

Demographic Add-on

Demographic information plays an important role in the decision-making process. Want to run a successful real estate website? If yes, then you should definitely have demographic information available on your real estate website. With the help of WordPress and the Demographic Information Add-on, you can simply define/draw different geographical regions on your real estate website Google map. 

You can also have the ability to define different types of information about regions such as median income, distance to downtown and more. With Demographic Information Add-on, you can easily set graphical settings for each region such as color, opacity and more. 

Complex Add-on

Building communities and complexes has become very important in the real estate industry. Having multiple listings within one complex is normal in today’s real estate websites. Complex Add-on for your real estate website allows you to create pages specifically for these communities with common property characteristics. These characteristics can be address, building demographics, common area photos and more. 

Complex Add-on has one important feature. Instead of adding all this information from time to time for each property, you can conveniently add a building complex into the system with all the common information. Then, when adding the individual units into the system, they can be assigned to the appropriate building complex or community. 

Despite making properties united under one complex, properties still keep their individuality by having its specific information included on the single property details such as size, price and more.

Complex Add-on; Neighborhood Add-on and School Information Add-on.

Neighborhood Add-on

The real estate industry is all about location. The first thing buyers tend to ask about a property is where it is located. If they have detailed information on location and neighborhood intelligence, they will be more likely to purchase the property.

Neighborhood Add-on for your real estate website allows you to highlight your area of activity. With the help of this add-on, you can easily create individual pages for each region that include videos, images and more. You can also show the center of the neighborhood on the map. This will definitely help your real estate website to stand out.

School Information Add-on

Education is something that helps us in every aspect of our lives. Parents are always interested in their children’s education because the road toward enlightenment starts from the early days.  Nowadays, homebuyers, especially those who are already parents or will be parents in the future, tend to prioritize properties based on the qualities of schools nearby. 

There definitely is a relationship between home values and the quality of schools in a specific area. Because of this, it is very important for every real estate website to have detailed information about nearby schools. There is definitely a huge need for School Information Add-on on every real estate website. Some of the main benefits of it are outlined above:

  • Displays nearby schools for every property
  • Shows that you care for your future clients
  • Makes your website content stand out

Yelp Integration

Speaking of demographic tools, information about nearby establishments such as restaurants, business centers, hospitals and more are also important for every buyer. Here, you will definitely need Yelp Integration for your real estate website. It simply allows you to pull places of interest from Yelp and publish this information on individual property pages. Here, you can see some of the benefits of Yelp Integration written below:

  • Provides neighborhood intelligence
  • Convert viewers into leads
  • Encourage viewers to stay on your website longer

To know more about Yelp Integration, please check out my article on the importance of Yelp Integration on your real estate website.

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