How to Use Advanced Filtering Option for WPL Short Code Wizard

How to Use Advanced Filtering Option for ShortCode Wizard

As options increase on your WordPress website, a large number of viewers will turn your database into Central Station during Monday rush hour. 

This may affect page speed as the number of requests hit the roof. As a result, user experience is highly affected, and if you are serving millions of people, your WordPress website may end up down and unresponsive

A real estate website that provides listings services and other features usually work with multiple servers. Some data is hosted locally for costs and SEO, others on MLS server or third-party storage such as Cloud services and Video streamers. 

The best way you can avoid database traffic congestion like the one on George Washington bridge is to use advanced filtering options on your WordPress website. 

Enough about New York references, Let’s get to the bottom of what advanced filtering option is and how I can benefit from it on my real estate WordPress website:

Advanced Filtering Option 

Advanced filtering is an option provided by special plugins. It enables you to implement unique filters for posts, searches, WooCommerce products and widgets, to name but a few. 

WPL is a successful example of implementing Advanced Filtering options.

With advanced filtering option on your real estate WordPress website, you have the ability to perform real-time and instant searches. All of this can be possible with only one database query in order to avoid database overload. 

Short Code Wizard

ShortCode wizard is a feature provided on WPL and you can find in your WordPress editor. It has a W icon. This feature helps you create shortcodes for your content and configure at your convenience later on. 

Shortcode Wizard

For those who are using the latest version of Realtyn’s WPL, check out How to Access ShortCode Wizard in Gutenberg Editor!

To have an overview of what it actually does, let’s watch this video:

How to Create a Custom Shortcode

Now, your IDX website makes numerous queries to the database. Using advanced filtering options in the shortcode wizard, you can customize your searches and filters with an aim to minimize the number of queries. 

To use these filtering options, first open your shortcode wizard in your WPL post editor:

WPL Post Editor

Then, scroll down to Advanced Filtering Options:

Filtering Option

Now, you can see all of the items from Flex menu in WPL menu here. You can choose one and apply filtering options:

WPL Menu

Advanced filtering options in WPL shortcode Wizard are as follows:

WPL Shortcode Wizard

Contain: it shows listings containing a word or phrase

Include: it shows listings containing a word or a phrase from a list 

Exclude: it shows listings not containing a word or a phrase

Exactly: it shows listings containing an exact word or a phrase

Greater: it can be used for numerical options. It shows listings containing a number greater than specified

Smaller: it can be used for numerical options. It shows listings containing a number smaller than specified

WPL 4.6.0

Bottom Line

Advanced Filtering options have come a long way. They can help your growing real estate website powered by WordPress to maintain its responsiveness even at a higher range of viewers and queries to the database. 

Make sure you configure your options effectively before your WordPress website prepares for a bigger market. 

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