Customize virtually every aspect of your site with:

  • Category Management
  • Add/Edit Property Detail Fields
  • Features and Appliances
  • Neighborhood Amenities
  • Video and Attachments
  • Image Gallery
  • Address Map

The real estate industry varies a lot.
If you are in New Mexico, your market probably differs quite
a bit from one in Iowa.

As a result, you need different information on your
real estate website.

To accommodate everyone, we’ve developed Flex.

Properties on Map

What is Flex?

Flex is at the heart of Realtyna’s WordPress platform.
It is a powerful interface allowing users to edit virtually any text, feature, or data field
on their website without any coding.

Flex also allows you to add new fields and
define their structure, such as:


WPL Flex

How Does Flex Work?

Flex accepts changes to the default property page then allows you to activate them across your
site or on select properties.

Here are a few examples:

Property Image gallery
  • The carousel of photos at the top of the property page typically
    reads “Image Gallery.” But you want to change this to say
    “Property Photos.” Do it in flex and every Image Gallery on your
    site will now read Property Photos.
  • “Cleaning Service” is a default property feature. But on your site,
    you want this to read “Laundry Service.” A quick change in Flex,
    and Laundry Service will be the default. Now you have the option
    to activate this feature on any property where it applies.
  • Every property on your site has a price. But if you offer
    a rent-to-own option, you may need a second price. You can add
    a new price field with Flex. Now when you add a property to your
    site, you will have the ability to insert a rent-to-own price.
Real Estate website with Realtyna

Flex is an essential tool to set your website apart.
That’s why we include for no added cost in WPL Basic, WPL Pro, and
Organic MLS Integration.