Common Objections for New Real Estate Agents

When you start as a new real estate agent, there are usually so many objections put your way. Clients may feel reluctant to work with you fearing your inexperience will cost them a lot. 

People also expect lower prices these days based on the belief that technology has made things easier for agents. 

One way or another, you should deal with these issues very carefully because they will probably define the nature of your business for years.

Let’s see how we can cope with these predicaments effectively:

How to Respond to Objections About Inexperience?

As with any other businesses, clients naturally prefer seasoned professionals. This, however, doesn’t mean you have no chance. It may actually be a good opportunity for you. Here is how you deal with it:

Don’t volunteer your inexperience

Never mention your newness to the business. There is no need for you to overshare here unless your client asks or you feel you are being dishonest. Don’t hide your level of experience because clients may find out soon and you will come out as an unreliable agent. Just don’t talk about it unless asked.

Focus on your background in another real estate related field 

When it’s out, try to own your newness but focus on your other related experience. Tell your client that although you just got your license, you have been working/studying in real estate or anything related to real estate for years. 

Own your newness but sell you other skills

Alternatively, you can rely on your other skills. For instance, you used to work in a car dealership and could gain fascinating negotiating skills. Or you worked as an interior designer for luxury estates and know so many high-end clients to connect to your seller. 

Negotiation and networking skills are big indicators of a quality real estate agent. 

Enthusiasm and availability

This is where your newness can be your advantage. You can emphasize your ability and desire to spend more time working for the client. Your availability is much higher than a busy experienced real estate agent, which will be music to some clients’ ears. 

Sell the team experience level 

This one is my personal favorite. This Is probably why most MLS require their new agents to sign under a brokerage. This is how it works. You are a new agent but you are working with a team of veteran real estate professionals. So instead of talking about what you have done, you can focus on your team’s ability to provide maximum service for the client. 

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How to Deal With Objections About Price and Commissions?

Asking for discounts and lower commissions is a common hassle for realtors. If you are new to the business, then this is an even bigger issue. Here are a few things to consider when you are asked for discounts.

Don’t let discounts be part of your business

I know it’s tempting when you just started to work and you are excited to have as many clients as possible. But basing your business on price will make things complicated for you in the future. Let’s say a client hires you because you give discounts. He or she will definitely refer you and will bring more leads. But you know what?! All of these clients will expect one thing from you: Discounts!!

That is not something easy to get off your portfolio. That being said, it is up to you to make a decision about this. My recommendation is to focus on quality of service rather than price. 

Educate clients

Most clients need to be educated. When they approach you with requests for discounts, let them know how the whole process works and why prices are being charged. Usually, clients are discouraged by the price tags simply because they don’t know the justifications behind them.

Salary vs commission

This is another sign of unawareness. Clients often approach you and mention that there is this company which offers services for rebates or for much lower commissions. They don’t know that in these cases, agents are paid a salary but you work only based on commissions. Clarify this and let them know how it works for you. 

Good negotiator

We already established that negotiation skills are crucial for an agent. By negotiating your commission strongly, you can show your client that you are going to effectively negotiate everything for them and get the best deal. This will earn their trust in you. Some folks believe if you can convince them, you can convince anyone; or so they think? In any case, you are the winner.

Bottom Line

Commission and lack of experience are two common objections for new real estate agents. One way or another, you should never settle for low prices or work with constantly haggling customers because this will shape the future of your business. Clients refer clients with the same level of expectations, and this is very difficult to rectify later on. 

New real estate agents need more than negotiation skills to generate leads. I have scraped a few good reads for you to help you start out:

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