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8 Ideas For When You Need a Real Estate Blog Post In A Pinch

Sometimes we all need a quick solution. Real estate blogging is no different. If you blog for long enough, you will occasionally find yourself under pressure to produce but with nothing to write. This usually happens when we are occupied with important non-blogging business. Real estate agents, after all, are some of the busiest people I know. In these situations, it is useful to have a list of real estate blog posts that you can turn to again and again to get out of a jam.

These posts are quick to write and require minimal research. Here are 8 ideas for when you need a real estate blog post in a pinch.

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1. Mail Bag 

Take a hint from the pros. If you are under the gun, assemble a few questions you get from readers and clients, answer them, and call it a post.

This is one of the most common “tricks of the trade” in professional writing. And the beauty is it may still be some of your most popular content.

real estate blog ideas

2. On the Hot Seat

You certainly have friends in the industry. You can do a quick and dirty interview with them by writing 10 questions and firing it off in an email. Ask them to answer in 5 minutes or less. It will not take much of their time and it gives you quick content for your real estate blog.

real estate blog

3. Tools of the Trade

We all have equipment we rely on—a trusty computer bag, a raincoat, the camera that cannot be beat. Write a review about one of the products that keep you going. If you have time before, set up an affiliate link so you can get compensation for anyone who buys after reading your real estate blog post.

real estate blog

4. What Do Readers Think?

Is there a hot trend in the real estate industry right now? Take the temperature of your readers with a survey. The poll can be a post by itself and your response to it in another.

real estate blog

5. Things I Wish I Knew

Everyone has those moments where they say, “Man, I wish I knew that before.” These can be useful and entertaining anecdotes. Think about some big learning moments in your career and write about them.

real estate blog ideas

6. The Spouse’s Perspective

Think your spouse has some thoughts on your work and what it means for your relationship? Yea, probably. Get him to talk about what it is like to be married to a real estate agent and repurpose his responses into some quick posts.

real estate blog ideas

7. This Week in History

 Look through your social media timelines and find out what you were doing at this time last year or two years ago. Then, write about it. Quick. Done.

real estate blog ideas

 8. Recycled Content for Your Real Estate Blog

 Worst-case scenario, you can repost some old content. This should be a fairly popular post that is at least two years old, but yet still relevant today. It may seem cheap, but it is a pretty common practice in blogging. Do not forget to put a disclaimer announcing the recycled material.

real estate blog ideas

So now you have 8 ideas when you need a blog post in a pinch. Have your own ideas to share? Leave them in the comments below. Or check out our blog post How to Blog Faster and Produce More Content For Your IDX Real Estate Website.

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