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8 Funny Questions Real Estate Agents Get Asked

Real estate agents deal with all kinds of buyers and sellers, which can lead to some pretty interesting interactions. Here are some of the funny questions we’ve heard about over the years. 

Can My Dog Come See the House?

funny questions for real estate agentsPrincess has an opinion and her opinion is important.

Can We Come Back and See the Place at Night?

funny questions for real estate agentsUmm, creepy. I’ll be home. With the doors locked.

Can I Use the Bathroom?

funny questions for real estate agentsThen you remember the owners moved out a month ago and shut off the water.

Is Anything Buried Out Back?

funny questions for real estate agentsYes, the septic.

Do You Have Anything On Sale?

funny questions for real estate agentsAllow me to respond to your question with a question. What is this, Old Navy?

Has This House Been Scanned for Paranormal Activity?

funny questions for real estate agentsWell, we know there are no ghosts in the LIVING room.

Can the Buyers Take the Kids Too?

 real estate agentsKids are the best.

Can You Lower Your Commission?

real estate agentsHA.

Do you get asked funny questions? Leave some in the comments. For more, see What Personality Types Make the Best Real Estate Agents?

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