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6 Weird Real Estate Marketing Strategies You Have not Tried Yet

In every real estate agent’s office around the country, you will find some things in common. Open house signs, a few fliers or brochures, and maybe a pen or notepad with their name on it. Now, these marketing techniques are not bad. They are the whole reason agents were able to get business before technology developed to what it is. However, it might be time for something new.

Of course, you can (and should) go the typical online route with a website, Facebook page and some ads. But, you can also try a few of these weird marketing strategies that might just give you the lead boost you are looking for!


Steering clear of trends and fads might be good for long term marketing strategies, but can definitely come in handy for the short term. Think about current trends, fads, viral memes, phrases, TV shows, music, or really anything wildly popular! For example, Police “lipsync battle,” videos have gone viral on Facebook recently. You could easily make a real estate version. Another example could be an Avengers themed advertisement, since it seems to be all the rage right now. Do not be afraid to get witty, and even a little sarcastic if you want. The whole point is to simply play on what people love. Worse case scenario, instead of leads, you get some likes. (And I am fairly certain we are all OK with that).


You want your name to get out there. You want it to spread. You saw Coca-Cola do this with their personalized Coke bottles. It was a huge success and is still used. You see this working with Snickers, who prints sarcastic words on their wrappers like “Cranky,” or “Hangry”. People love to buy these things just to share them. Even if it is not consumed. But how can you make this work in real estate? Easy! Paint names on the sides on your properties! Just kidding. The answer is: sharable content. It does not even have to be related to real estate. Think outside the box. For example, on Valentine’s Day, post a cute photo of flowers and caption it with “Share this with someone special.” You can get as creative as you want! As long as people are sharing the content with your name attached.


Well, you cannot just give away a home. But, you can give away other things, such as services, consultations, or even other products you purchase, like electronics or gift cards. You can even team up with other local businesses, like local photographers. It does not matter what it is, how big or little, people love winning free stuff(I have a box full of knickknacks and T-Shirts I have won at university to prove it!). Whether you make them work for it by answering trivia or making a video, or simply liking and sharing your page, your business will get exposure and your community will have fun. Win/win!

real estate marketingTELL CLIENT’S STORIES

Posting reviews on your website is a great tool for leads, as well as suggests transparency. Take this a step further, and take the time to tell a client’s story. This can be done in a blog, or even better, video. This is just the kind of content that tends to catch fire while also giving your business legitimacy. Especially if it is an inspirational or entertaining story.


You have all seen this kind of marketing. Red Bull is a great example. They have people jumping out of planes, off bridges and scaling buildings. Now, you do not have to do something this wild. But, do something crazy! You can do something as simple as one of the viral video dance challenges, to something more intense like breaking a silly world record. You can even do a challenge that benefits the community, for example, ringing bells for 24 hours at Christmas for a local charity. The possibilities are endless and the publicity is guaranteed.


Similar to the example above, you can do community service. Helping out at a soup kitchen is great, and you should not stop doing that, but here I am talking about something a little different. Think outside of the box. Serve your community in such a unique way that people cannot help but talk about it. Hand out flowers on Mother’s Day, repaint curbside house numbers, pump peoples gas for the day, or plan a big event with a bunch of volunteers doing many projects around town. Your service will be a testament to your community commitment, and a lasting memory for future leads.

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