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How to Find Work Life Balance as a Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a demanding industry. Your job is to cater to the needs of your clients, all the while managing yourself, finding your own business and being your own boss. You will quickly find that many of the tasks that arise do not fall under the typical 9-5 monday-friday work time. Middle of the night emails, showing homes and open houses on weekends, and sudden lead conversion opportunities in the middle of your planned vacation. These circumstances are not out of the ordinary.

Before you know it, you are sacrificing the time you set aside for yourself, working 12 hour days and under an unbelievable amount of stress.

When you work in the real estate industry and manage yourself, it is really easy to get carried away like this and burn out fast. Save your marriage, friendships, health and sanity with a little something called work-life balance.

Just as it sounds, work-life balance if the ratio between your time and stress at work, to the time you set aside for life and decompressing. Everyone’s work-life balance will look different as some people can just naturally take on more. (I am definitely not that person). Below, we will discuss some major points to think about and helpful tips on your road to achieving the perfect work-life balance.


Your first step to achieving this seemingly impossible feat is to recognize it, acknowledge it, and take a real look at what your current work-life balance looks like. Start by reviewing your typical daily schedule. Go ahead and write everything down. When you see your work tasks on paper right next to the life moments you allow yourself, you will begin to be able to visualize where you stand. Log everything you do and the time you take to do it for 3 or 4 days. Find patterns and trends and determine what can be altered and changed. Once you are completely aware of your current work-life situation, you will be ready to actually start implementing changes.


After you evaluate your situation, you might find that one of your biggest weaknesses is that you take on extra work in or outside of your normal working hours. It is tough, and I am positive you have heard the advice before, but it is absolutely necessary to learn how to say no. Whether you are saying no to a task outside of your job description or to the priority of a task, you will find that this skill will free up a lot of your time and stress so you can worry about what is more important. Respond to that email in the morning, help that colleague when you have some down time, be transparent about your load.


One of the most important and easiest ways to improve your work-life balance is to simply get enough sleep. Set a bedtime and stick to it. A good night’s sleep will improve your health, reduce your stress and increase your efficiency at work.


take care


It is scientifically proven that exercise reduces stress and promotes a happy life. You might want to consider finding some kind of activity that gets you moving a little bit. I am not saying joining Crossfit 7 days a week. Simply go on an evening stroll or go kick a ball with your kids every now and then. If you can do more, go for it.


Whether it is reading, taking bubble baths, or watching movies, you need to make time for whatever it is that helps you relax. This time of decompression will help rejuvenate you for the next day. It is the perfect way to transition from a stressful day working to time enjoying your own life.


Be honest and transparent with your clients/colleagues. Give them the hours you wish to make yourself available for work and be upfront that they might not get a response outside of those hours. But make sure the law extends to yourself, as well. Be strict with your schedule and efficient with your time so you can enjoy your “me time,” later. Do not let yourself miss another family outing for a client.


The last and most important thought I have to share about work-life balance is to let yourself feel good. As working professionals, we get so caught up in success and money, and forget that the biggest key to success is our mental health. I see it time and time again, professionals are so used to and consumed by stress, that when they do not have any, they think something is wrong, or they are not productive. Do not get trapped in that cycle! You must allow yourself to feel happy and free.

When you finally let it go and put yourself first, your life will change. Drastically? Maybe not. However, I guarantee you will feel it and the people closest to you will appreciate it as well.


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