What Is OREA?

The Ontario Real Estate Association is one of the largest business associations in Canada. As of August 2020, this association provides services to clients with 79,000 realtor members. OREA is set out to help deliver one of the biggest Canadian dreams, which is buying a house. 

OREA helps the real estate industry through special services, continuous education, and collaboration with the government. 


OREA was founded in 1922 under the name of the Ontario Board of Real Estate. It was formed by a group of volunteers, whose aim was to standardize real estate transactions in Ontario. It was renamed to OREA in 1970.

OREA has always been an advocate for lower taxes for buying and selling houses. 

Coverage Area

OREA gives real estate services at a local, provincial, and national level. OREA’s 79,000 members are active across the province, working in 38 boards of realtors. The following map shows different divisions within the province:


Market Report

As of August 2020, market numbers look very good. Sales have risen 29.8% since last year this time. Average home price sales in July 2020 was $704,985, which is a record high. Arguably, all these high records are due to rebound in sales after the limitations caused by the pandemic. 

The bigger picture in Ontario also looks favorable to realtors and clients. The following tables provide a glimpse into the monthly and annual performance of various markets within the province:

OREA, Monthly

July 2020 Residential Sales Year-to-year%Change Residential Average Price Year-over-year %Change
Central 11,495 28.5 $949,932 16.7
Eastern 3,341 23.8 $479,440 18.7
Northeastern 3,406 50.8 $600,436 22.0
Northern 1,265 21.9 $270,036 13.7
Southern 4,215 31.4 $633,783 19.0
Western 3,381 23.5 $451,894 20.9
Ontario 27,103 29.8 $704,985 18.1


OREA, Yearly

Year-to-date 2020 Residential Sales  Year-over-year % Change  Residential Average Price Year-over-year % Change
Central 49,156 -10.6 $910,941 11.5
Eastern 14,814 -12.0 $463,586 14.1
Northeastern 12,803 8.4 $547,103 14.6
Northern 5,020 -4.3 $252,549 8.8
Southern 18,725 -6.4 $598,516 14.0
Western 14,921 -7.5 $423,676 14.9
Ontario 115,439 -7.7 $670,892 11.7

Source: creastats.crea.ca

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