How to Build a Real Estate Website for Canada Part 2

How to Build a Real Estate Website for Canada: Part 2

We have built the basic version of our website in part 1 of this article. Now, it is time to add features that make it a real estate website. All we need is access to official listings in Canada and a few other customizations. 

If you are not sure you can have access to listings, contact your brokerage or regional board. In any case, we are going to discuss how to have listings up and running through your IDX website.

Get Listings 

To get listings on your real estate website for the Canadian market, you can try the following ways:

  • DDF/MLS: The public has access to listings through (formerly known as The information on this website is limited. Realtors can have access to more detailed listings data via their local board. You can contact them to find out more. 

If this is the case, You can use an integrated system like Realtyna’s MLS integration system to get the data on your website. All you need to do is get some credentials from your MLS/local board and the rest will be taken care of by our tech team. 

  • MLS API: If your local board doesn’t provide the feed you want, you can use Realtyna’s MLS API to get the listings data. For instance, you want to have access through RESO Web API or RETS. MLS API will help you get the feed (Conditions Apply).
  • RealtyFeed: You can also use the RealtyFeed platform to convert your existing properties to the RESO Web API and use them on your external website. 

Sounds like too much? You can always contact our tech team for a free consultation:

(302) 525 8222

(650) 336 0000

Design and Customization

Before your website goes online, you need to make sure you have the following features:

  • Convenient search features for clients
  • Useful information such as schools, neighborhood, and demographics
  • A fast-loading homepage
  • Clear membership features and policies
  • Live open house tours
  • Quality and professional images
  • A blog for video and content marketing
  • Clear links to social media
  • “About Us” or portfolio page

If you think you might need extra help with the design and customization of your website, our UI developers can create an amazing website in the shortest amount of time. Contact us for a free consultation on this:

(302) 525 8222

(650) 336 0000

How Can Realtyna Help?

Realtyna offers the WPL plugin, a robust website builder based on WordPress. It is unique in a sense that is basically designed and developed for the real estate industry and has been used in thousands of websites. 

Here is a chart that helps shows how Realtyna helps you build a website for your CRE business from the ground up:

Purpose Solution
Website building platform
Design and Customization

I am sure you have a few more questions like:

  • How long does it take to set up the whole website?
  • How much should I pay on average?
  • Can I get the listings if I’m not a licensed agent?
  • I work with more than one board. How does this affect my website and MLS feed?

Then, call us now for a free consultation. Realtyna can build an IDX website that converts:

(302) 525 8222

(650) 336 0000

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