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What I’d Wished I Knew About…Real Estate Edition

People often struggle to find and define the right career path for themselves. And real estate field is no exception. So, here we combined the pros and cons of being a real estate agent. , so you can make an informed decision whether or not to enter the real estate field.


As the back to school season starts, many people wonder if their career choice is the right one? The burning question lurks in the back of the mind, poisoning and ruining student experience. Did I make the right choice? What if I’m wrong and this profession is not for me? Talking from personal experience, I can admit, it’s a common case. Especially if you’re a student graduating or just entering university. 

People often struggle to find and define the right career path for themselves. But here is the thing, oftentimes, our career path is chaotic. There is no straight line, no right plan, and recipe, as everything is in our life. Not everyone has the privilege or luck to find one true passion right away. There will be tons of bumps and ridges on your road to success and to the profession, you will love and cherish. And the real estate field is no exception. Here, we combined the pros and cons of being a real estate agent, so you can make an informed decision whether or not to enter the real estate field.


If you are opposed to a strict schedule, here is good news. Being a real estate agent allows you to keep a flexible schedule. Basically, you will be your own boss.

Some can argue if it’s really a pro? If the person is irresponsible and procrastination is his mantra, then yes…Such a schedule can become a problem. And also, with flexibility and without the set hours comes a problem of overworking or interfering with work-life balance. 

The Potential Salary Growth

There is no ceiling in terms of income limits. As you will develop your professional skills and put more energy into your career, your income will grow accordingly.

But such options come with the price. There might be periods when you have practically no work. Especially in so-called slow seasons such as vacation times. In real estate, you typically only get paid after closing a sale, so income will vary from month to month. 

Making People’s Dreams Come True

There is no doubt that one of the most important parts of our life is the house we’re living in. The place that we call home is an inseparable part of our identity. It reflects our taste and it shows who we are. But it’s always hard to find the perfect house that will satisfy all your needs. It’s a hard task that falls on the shoulders of real estate agents. As real estate agents admit, it always feels good to make the dreams of their customers come true. It can be an extremely rewarding business.

But there is also a downside. Buying a house can also be a huge stress. Clients are feeling exhaustion and it can affect the real estate agent as well. So, if you’re easily nervous in stressful situations, beware of this factor.

Career Development For Real Estate Agents

As already said, if you plan to become a real estate agent consider that you’re your own boss.

Which is good, there is no threat that someday you’ll be fired.

But as always with the pros, there are cons. There is not much career advancement options outside of becoming a broker and starting a team. And if you don’t see yourself as a real estate agent in the long term, maybe you need to consider other options.


Being Real Estate Agent isn’t Always Easy

Yes, despite the flexibility and the potential money, being a real estate agent is a tough job. It’s an emotionally and physically draining job. You will be traveling and working with people directly a lot. And not everyone is capable of it. You have to always be on top of your work and leads and constantly be planning ahead for your next campaign or sale.

Invest in Yourself and Your Real Estate Brand

In order to become a competent and professional real estate agent, you need to invest in yourself. When I say invest, I mean not only money, for example, to get a real estate license, but also time and energy. You need to learn how to communicate with people in order to interest them and persuade to buy a house. You need to learn how to market yourself and your brand and how to use modern technologies in your business. It takes time and energy. It’s a constant process of self-development and if you want to stay on top, this process should never end.

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