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What Is Realtyna’s Customization Service?

Building a converting real estate website is an important step towards a successful online business. From choosing a domain name to integrating MLS feed, creating a real estate website is essential for any agent looking to grow online.  In this article, we will go over Realtyna’s customization services as well as Realtyna’s WPL.

What Is Realtyna?

Realtyna is a real estate technology company that offers solutions for building real estate websites with IDX features. It is also a licensed vendor of RESO products and has been a leader of MLS integration through RETS and RESO API since 2007. 

Realtyna’s products range from the WPL plugin to add-ons and Organic MLS integrations. Also, the company offers the following services, the last of which is the focus of this article:

  • Premium Support
  • Hosting Services
  • Server Optimization services
  • Website Customization Services

You can always check our WPL Shop to see a full list of products and services.


What Is Realtyna’s WPL?

WPL is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to create an IDX real estate website from the ground up. With this plugin, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Main Features:

  • Map with listing pins
  • Basic and Advanced search through all listings (conveniently customizable)
  • Landing page creation
  • Agent profiles and agent pages
  • Walk Score

Lead Capturing Features:

  • Agent contact form
  • Requesting a visit form
  • Send to a friend
  • Social media share buttons

And more:

  • Unique and customizable SEO friendly URLs for listings
  • PDF flyer
  • Print features
  • Property comparison
  • Favorite listings

For more on this plugin, you can check out Everything you need to know about WPL.

What Is Realtyna’s Customization Service?

As part of continuous support for the clients, Realtyna offers customization services for real estate websites built on WPL. Although WPL is relatively convenient to customize, with a lot of features in place, we understand that some of our clients may not have the experience or time with customizing their website. That is why we offer a package through which our team will help you out. 

Nevertheless, WPL remains an open license platform where those with UI/UX expertise can work their own magic.

What Can I Expect From Realtyna’s Customization Services?

If you choose to have our team customize your IDX website, here is a list of items you will receive:

realtyna's customization service


WPL Pro is offered through a LGPL license, that is Lesser General Public License. In other words, a fraction of the code is proprietary code and not accessible. 

Also, if you choose to have your own developers change or modify the source code of the website, we are no longer able to offer updates and support. 

For more information about this service, please visit Realtyna’s Design and Customization.

What Is Next?

Once you get your website customized to your personal mode, you can start focusing on marketing and lead generation. Below, I have selected more options you can read to kickstart your real estate business using your website:

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Also, if you have any questions regarding your website customization, please contact our team:

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