Open House Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Open House Ideas For Real Estate Agents

The real estate field is full of contradictory statements. Some say that cold calling are basically an extinction, and real estate agents who are using this particular marketing method are destined to fail. Some think that cold calling can still run the show. The same goes for open house ideas. Real estate agents don’t have definite answers if it is worth it. My answer is- give it a try. Maybe an old school open house isn’t as effective as it was back in the day, but combining it with the modern marketing tips will definitely attract new leads. Here we present some open house ideas that you can consider incorporating in your marketing strategy:

Invite Your Neighbors

Let’s start with the classic one. Inviting your neighbors will never get old. Even if your neighbors aren’t your potential leads, they are a great source of information. You will learn more about the neighborhood from a fifteen-minute talk with your neighbor than researching by yourself. Other than that, they might have friends or relatives who are moving out, so by inviting your neighbors you create a chain network that will pass the information to potential leads.

Livestream At Your Open House

Facebook is a great way to notify your potential leads about the open house opportunity. The ideal way for modern homebuyers is to be able to buy a house without even getting out of their beds. Of course, this is just a dream… For now at least…But you can make the homebuying process for the modern lazy consumers easier by livestreaming at your open house at the same time answering their questions. If not the potential leads, this marketing tip will definitely increase your recognition and boost your brand’s visibility.

Tag Your Properties Online

In the case of hosting IDX displays on your website, the real estate agent is able to tag the desired property with an upcoming open house. This will allow you to display a banner across the property thumbnail. Thus making them more visible to website visitors. Aside from this, the tag also will make the property sortable, allowing your users to filter search results by open house. 

Set Up a TV at the Open House

Setting up a TV is a great option for notifying visitors about other home options. By that, you’re promoting your entire property portfolio. And without much effort.

Realtyna's TV Add-on

Post a Video On Instagram

If you’re not using Instagram yet, you should definitely start using it now. Instagram has more than 800 million users. Just imagine how many of them are potential buyers. As research states, many homebuyers search for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest which are all about visual imagery.

You can record a high-quality video, just a walk through the Open House and post a sneak peek on your Instagram. Thus stirring up the interest for the potential leads.

Create Facebook Ads For The Open House

Create stunning Facebook ads in order to notify potential leads about an upcoming open house. As a real estate agent, you need to start running it probably a week before an open house. Note to remember: you can customize your Facebook ads by choosing the specific parameters: whether it be gender or a specific location. You can even create catalogs of listings in your Dynamic Ad dashboard with the click of a button

Email Sign- Up

You need to be careful and subtle about it. Offer your open house visitors an email sign-up option. Present it as an opportunity to get more detailed information or updates about this particular property or future open house events.

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