Lavender Theme - API-based real estate theme

Lavender: API Ready Real Estate Theme

Lavender is a theme for building fast real estate websites via a headless framework.

The API-based theme allows developers to create high-performing real estate websites using MLS data.

Content is rendered instantly from the WordPress and MLS Router APIs, resulting in near-perfect page scores.

Lavender additionally allows you to build your presentation with virtually any front-end framework, which offers a great deal of flexibility and customization options.

Sites using Lavender are content and feature-rich while achieving seamless delivery.

A beautiful, fast-loading real estate site with Lavender improves user experiences and keeps clients happy.

Build fast customizable websites/apps with improved SEO using API

How Does Lavender Work?

Lavender works by adopting a headless CMS framework.

The WordPress API provides pages, posts, and other data, and MLS Router provides thousands of property listings.

Lavender allows you to build your graphic layer and deliver this content to users fast.

Compatible Technologies

Lavender works with Nuxt.js, Next.js, React, Vue.js, Flutter, Angular, and other technologies. As a cloud-serverless front-end, Lavender works with frameworks suitable for virtually any project.

Lavender Theme Features

Lavender is feature-rich and ready for real estate APIs.

  • Customizable With Elementor
  • Fully Responsive
  • SEO-Friendly
  • WPL Compatible
  • Custom Widgets
  • Bootstrap 5 Compatible
  • GTmetrix A Grade
  • Lighthouse 100 Score
  • Easily Scalable
  • Agile and Flexible
  • Server Side Rendering

Easy Set Up

All libraries, software, and frameworks are set up on Lavender, so you can start work the same day. With built-in queries, Lavender gives you a leg up when building your real estate site.

Why Clients Prefer Lavender

Lavender optimizes load times and content delivery, providing better user experiences and SEO for clients.

Questions or feedback? Contact us for more information on how Lavender can work with your business.

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