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How To Write a Great Real Estate Blog Post

If you decided to start a real estate blog or have one already, you are a step ahead in the game. Having a blog is a great idea to generate more leads and make your image more professional and knowledgeable.

The next big step is making your content shareable and readable to gain some attention from your leads and get new ones.

Unique Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog

Often, in blogging, people think of titles and write according to them. It may work in some cases, but it’s better if you concentrate more on the uniqueness of your content and less on trendy topics that everyone writes about.

Try to give a unique and fresh perspective to your readers as well as give them tips that are valuable. Also, uniqueness is not always about the content you give to your readers regarding a certain subject, but what subject you’re going to write about.

The best way to stand out is to discuss the topics that others are not talking about. To find out, first observe other real estate blogs and ask your leads what subject they would like to be covered.

Shareability of Your Real Estate Blog

When you write your content think what platform it would “kill it” on. For example, if it’s a list of specific kind of architecture in specific place, then pinterest could be the best place for it, so moderate your content according the medium you’re going to share it on.

Social currency 

Wherever you share your content, a very important thing is for it to provide social currency. Social currency means that if someone shares it on their wall, it will make them look good. If there is any hot topic in real estate, never sit it out. Observe what the popular opinions are regarding that subject and provide facts and reasons why it is true or not true in your blog. This will make everyone who agrees or disagrees to share your content on their social media pages.

Intriguing Title

Often, in these kinds of lists, title is the first topic of discussion. I, personally think an intriguing title is very important, but your content shouldn’t be moderated or accustomed to the intriguing title you thought of even before you start writing.

Why? Because this can and probably will hinder your creative process, instead think of the intriguing and eye-catching title according to the content you write.

Also, it is very important to distinguish what your goal is when writing titles. If your ultimate goal is to go viral by your readers by sharing your blog post on their wall, then your titles need to be creative and intriguing.

However, Google ranking is a whole other case. Of course, you need to conduct keyword research, but generally, lists and clear titles what the article is going to be about is the way to go in Google. 

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Quality over Quantity

There was a time when writing a lot of blogs was going to make you a successful blogger. However, quality is more important because there are sooo many blogs in any niche you could think of (well, not any, but real estate is one of them).

So, in order to get noticed, your blogs should be very high quality. This comes down to the same old thing- value. You need to provide a great deal of value for your readers.

For this to happen, don’t just write about the same things they could find very easily elsewhere, just in different forms. Instead, take the unique idea we talked about in the beginning and really work on it. 

Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of time on it, because in the end, quality is what matters.

Make your blog content in-depth, organically long to cover a lot of ground and straight to the point. Do not bury the lead.

Scannability of Your Real Estate Blog

This step is very important, because nowadays no one has time. Most people get tired and want to just scan over your content until they get to the part they are interested in. So, we need to make it possible.

Make the key statements bold, break up your blog post in chunks, give visuals, infographics(you can use for this)  and whatever else you can to visualize your key points

In the end, the more time a reader spends on your blog the better the dwell time and eventually ranking. So, even if they don’t even read your content, it’s still good if they scan it.

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