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How To Use LinkedIn for Link Building

The biggest  question when it comes to SEO practices is how to survive Google algorithms. People often look for some tools to put their SEO practices on autopilot. Same could be said about link building for real estate.

The best way to survive google’s user-first approach is to be genuine and authentic in your link building efforts along creating great content.

LinkedIn is a great platform to earn your links, that will survive Google’s new algorithms and here are 3 simple steps how to manage that.

Find Link Partners

The first step of the plan is identifying the websites you want the link from. Make your list and then find the people who are associated with these websites on LinkedIn. This might be an editor, contributor or even an owner. It’s better to connect with someone who has a managing role if you want to become a contributor, however, if you want just a link, a contributor or a webmaster will do.

One other thing when you’re searching for link partners is to focus newer and smaller websites. While with regular search systems it’s hard to identify these websites, which are new, but have potential, LinkedIn can do the job.

To find these websites, you need to search for people within an industry, who post frequently, not for people associated with specific websites.

This technique requires work. You will come across lots of useful content and no-relevant websites. Take one step at a time and keep in mind that it will take time. However there is an advantage to this. Many of your competitors may not put this work into getting a link.

Keep in mind, if you find quality websites that have a potential to become popular in the future, your link will gain value overtime.



Once you have your list of people and websites you’d like to partner with, next move is to engage with them.

Treat this process as you’d treat any other relationship, as in try to communicate in a meaningful way.

Forget “Great content” comments, you know what I mean, everyone knows it’s inauthentic. Instead be specific what you liked, how did it help you etc..

Also, tagging them in the posts that ask questions that they are qualified to answer could work in building a genuine relationship. Basically, you have to figure out what specific thing could work with a specific potential partner. With some you can even use straight approach and skip the relationship building phase.

Bottom line, engage with them with substance and case-by-case approach.

Get The Link

The last step is to ask for that link you put all this work in to get.

The asking part is as important as any other step you took to get there. Pay attention to how and when you do it. 

To get the answer you want, you have to be aware what your potential partners are writing about  or planning to write. Assuming you already established a relationship with them, offering your content that is relevant to their topic will sound organic.

There is also another approach, if you know they are looking for topics to write about you could suggest one of the subjects you already covered and offer your content as a resource.

In the end, you get your link, which is earned and not asked for. 

And that’s how you survive Google’s new algorithms that keep coming.

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