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Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate Signage

Real estate signage is one of the most effective ways to market your real estate business and listings. Having the correct signage will help you better attract new potential clients. However,  think it through and come up with a very clever idea so that yours will stand out from your competitors, hence attracting more clients.

Real estate businesses are very competitive,  and a Realtor needs to get the attention of your potential clients. That is why the signs are vital. Because not only does it market the property, it also shares information about the agent.

Different Types of Real Estate Signages

Before the internet, people used to have signs with different colors outside their houses for sales. Having the writing on the sign was the key, so realtors needed to be very creative with what they had to write to sell the house. Now, everything we do for our real estate business is connected to the internet. Digitalizing the signs has made it easier and effortless for us to be creative in making various real estate signs.

There are two types of signs in general: traditional signs and digital signs.

Different Types of Traditional Real Estate Signs

Traditional signs are the ones you see in every house’s yard. They come in different colors and shapes, but they all have one thing in common, they are made to catch the attention of new leads.

Traditional signs can be swing signs, banner signs, magnetic signs, wooden signs, etc.

Different Types of Real Estate Digital Signs

When it comes to digital signs, we have a handful of ideas. Without the fear of being repetitive,  real estate digital signage allows users to easily visit your website, see the various services you offer, see other clients’ reviews, and eventually request your services.,  In other words, digital signages advertise information about an agent and their listings. Digital signs differ in Theme, slides, pictures, listings, and content. By digitizing the signages, it is easier for realtors to save time, be more creative in their quest to grab the attention of more clients. The most common type of digital signage is the ScreenCloud App Store, where businesses can access a variety of digital signages for marketing their products and services. 

Benefits of Real Estate Digital Signages:

Having Signs, especially the digital ones will help improve your real estate business.

Here are some of the reasons why digital signs are very beneficial for real estate agents. They are;

  • Affordable 
  • Very noticeable
  • Multi-functional 
  • User-friendly
  • Time-saving 
  • Attract more leads

How to Create Real Estate Digital Signs?

Creating digital real estate signs requires a few steps. With the help of a couple of designers, real estate agents can easily create a very convenient real estate digital sign.

First of all, an agent needs to decide which kinds of housing you are providing for your clients. The second part is to decide a theme for your sign and then provide the required information related to your listings. There are a lot of templates ready for your real estate signs that you can use.

Where Should We Put the Signage?

The placement of signs is one of the most important aspects of marketing through real estate signages. If you are using traditional real estate signs, make sure it is visible from different angles, such as parking spots, bus stations, telephone booths, etc. If you want it next to your house, you can use it on both sides of the street so that it catches potential clients’ eyes on both sides. Or, as usual, you can put your real estate signs on the sidewalk. On the other hand, if your real estate sign is digital, you have to search for places with the highest traffic to upload your signage. Your real estate signage should be placed near related topics or products. 

What Colors Should You Use on Your Real Estate Signage?

What is the first thing that catches your eyes when crossing the street or rolling down pages on social media? Colors! They are the first thing that makes your real estate sign stand out or catch the clients’ eyes. Colors have meaning and influence on people. Thus, using the appropriate color for your real estate sign is a visual move to attract the attention of potential clients. There are a few colors that have a lot of influence on your potential clients. Such as:

  • Red is the color that Calls For Action.
  • Blue is the color of Trust and Security.
  • Orange is the color of motivation, etc

Final Word

Your real estate signage says a lot about your real estate business. So, make sure you take every step carefully and create outstanding real estate signs that work as a  magnet for potential clients. In addition, know that having real estate signs is a must. Therefore, make sure to create the best of the bests and improve your real estate business.

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