Best Real Estate Website Designs in 2020

Best Real Estate Website Designs in 2020

There are so many real estate websites out there with hundreds of features and focuses. We all know that search engine optimization is probably the most important step toward a successful marketing campaign. Without SEO, most of our promotion attempts will fail. However, what most people miss out on by focusing solely on bringing people to the website is actually keeping people on the website

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A clean, practical design on your website will help your visitors remain on the website for a longer period of time. It will also encourage them to interact with the features and even share or repost. Creative design is also an important part of this aspect of IDX websites. 

The key to a successful website in terms of design is to find the line between creativity and practicality. You might use a homepage design with many features and graphics, but the user won’t interact with it. Too many features confuse viewers and cause them  to leave your website given the fact that user attention span is decreasing nowadays. 

One interesting and historical example is the homepages of Google and Yahoo. Some believe that their choice defined the fate of their businesses and led both companies to where they are now. 

Real Estate

Google Used (and still does) a very plain homepage with a search box and keys under it. You can see a clear logo and some buttons on the top. Simple and practical. However, Yahoo used so many features on the homepage that not only cause loading speed issues but user fatgiue.. You don’t want that for your real estate website. 

Real Estate Website Designs to Inspire in 2020

In this review, we will check out some of the cool real estate websites designs and discuss what makes them stand out:

Agent’s Websites

It’s a choice for an agent with a background and experience:

Global Luxury

Real Estate Based on Area

If you work in different neighborhoods or communities, then this comes handy:

Website Design

Media Is All You Need

Sometimes images and videos will do the talking, especially for residential real estate. Make sure you maintain the balance:


Real Estate Portal

Oftentimes, the user doesn’t need to know you or your business. They just need to search for the property and get information about it. The following design can offer better service than others:


Bottom Line

Maybe the homepage design was not the reason Google ended up as the most successful technology company in the world but it definitely played a big role. The same goes to the website you are building for your business. Throw in a combination of what works very fast for the user and a dash of creativity. 

If you have difficulties or no experience in design, Realtyna has an expert team of UI/UX designers that have built real estate websites since 2007. Call us to find out how we can help you with customization and design of your IDX website. 

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