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5 Eco-friendly Features That Buyers Are Looking for

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for eco-friendly features when buying a new home. Eco-friendly properties are designed to consume less energy and produce less carbon footprint, which will help us save the planet. By living more sustainably, people are not only protecting the planet but also saving money. With more people demanding eco-friendly homes, the market for energy-efficient houses is becoming one of the most profitable real estate niches. This is why real estate agents should be aware of the major eco-friendly features that real estate buyers are looking for in their next home.

Eco-friendly Building Materials

Using eco-friendly building materials reduces the risks we put both on the environment and our health. What we mean by eco-friendly materials is recycled items, such as recycled steel, salvaged or reclaimed wood, or locally sourced materials. These materials do not require international shipping, so they can significantly reduce the carbon footprint, which has been scientifically proved to be one of the main causes of climate change. These environmental advantages will encourage some real estate buyers to pay a little more for their home with the knowledge that they are protecting a planet.


Insulation is a key eco-friendly feature for a greener home. Home insulation will not only help buyers to lower their energy consumption but also reduce their bills. Insulators like cork, wool and cotton fill the spaces in the walls and keep the heat from escaping. By using this eco-friendly feature the real estate buyers will be able to keep their home warmer during cold winters and cool during hot summers. They will use less energy for heating purposes and spend less money on their bills.

Solar Panels

Solar panels can make any home more eco-friendly. Solar energy is one of those renewable energies that can not be exhausted. Instead, solar panels will allow buyers to generate their own energy long into the future. This eco-friendly feature is amongst the most exciting innovations that can reduce the reliance on traditional energy sources that are harmful to the environment. Although buyers might find this feature more expensive, in the long run solar panels actually pay for themselves with the energy savings made. 

LED Lighting

There is no house on this planet that doesn’t have light materials. LED lights have more environmental advantages than any other lights ever before. It is important for real estate agents to be aware of all these advantages. The first advantage is that LED lights can save a lot of energy. For example, in a regular LED bulb, 95% of the energy is converted into light while only 5% is wasted as heat. Secondly, these eco-friendly lights do not include toxic elements. And lastly, LED Lights last up to six times longer than other types of lights. This means that people won’t need to change them often, hence, this will reduce the requirement for frequent replacement. Lowered number of replacements means lowered number of resources for the manufacturing process which will eventually lead to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Energy Star Appliances

If you spot the blue logo with the star next to the word “energy”, that’s Energy Star Appliance, which is a highly regarded certification among eco-friendly homebuyers. Energy Star label means that the product can help you save energy without having to sacrifice popular features or functionality. Appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers or freezers with this blue logo will be saving energy while they will also be doing their job. 


When it comes to grabbing the attention of prospective homebuyers, it is important to ensure that their new home can make them feel good about themselves. What can make them feel better about themselves more than knowing that the house they are about to buy can protect the environment? This is why real estate agents should always try to emphasize properties’ eco-friendly features, since this will provide prospective buyers the satisfaction of knowing that they’re doing their bit to save the planet.

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