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What Are the Most Profitable Real Estate Niches

Here is the truth, people want to earn a lot of money. And it’s understandable, we want to have and to give our families the best. Education that we get in order to enter the desired profession often times is very expensive. It’s a financial investment that we hope will pay off in the future.  Thus, it’s no surprise that people want to work in the most profitable business fields. If you happen to be a real estate agent trying to find your own niche, here we present the most profitable real estate niches that you might want to check out:

Luxury Properties

What makes luxury houses stand up among other properties? It’s their location, amazing quality, maybe their privacy, unique design, etc. All this creates the most expensive property type. Agents who specialize in luxury properties can even earn up to $290,000 on a single sale.

Relocation Properties

Dealing with moving out in a short period of time can be very stressful. Add to this pile of problems moving to a whole other area, city or even country and we will get an exhausted and stressed client. Here is the thing, corporations often relocate their employees and thus where the local real estate agents work begins. In the case of the relocation property, a real estate agent often deals with not only buying the property but also educating the client about the local area. And as experts state, the extra efforts aren’t gone in vain. Real estate agents who work with relocation properties can earn more than $90,000 a year. Aside from this benefit, the relocation properties niche is one of the few that guarantees you referrals and fast turn-over.

Commercial Property

Commercial properties are usually used for business activities. Malls, grocery stores, shops, and offices are all commercial type properties. Considering this fact, it’s not surprising that the price for these properties is heavily dependent on the economic activity in its location. On average, agents who sell commercial properties can earn $90,000 yearly.

Eco-Green Properties

Eco-green or eco-friendly properties are designed and constructed with the thought of keeping the environment and humans safe. Such properties contain sustainable or recycled materials, so the damaging of the ecosystem can be avoided.

As for the agents that work in this niche, they can earn on average more than $80,000. With the rising popularity of the sustainability movement across the globe, this niche is promising to become more and more profitable.


Investment Properties

Dealing with investments can be tough and pretty scary. Agents who specialize in investment properties are often already established and well-known professionals with the years-long experience. For you to be able to compete with such professionals, you need to become an expert in one of the niches, educate yourself about the real estate market in general and current trends specifically. What are the investment options you can focus on?

  • Rental properties- one of the most common and fairly easy is to invest in rental properties. This will give you a stable monthly income. Especially in cities. 
  • Buy houses in a specific area for a low price. Choose the area wisely and consider carefully why prices in this area may fluctuate. 
  • Buy a property that needs fixing, fix it and sell it at a higher price. You can check out local online or live auctions.


Often, agents who work with the investment properties earn up to $80,000 yearly.

Specific Geographic Location

In order to become a successful real estate agent, you need to choose a niche. You need to narrow your focus not only to become a professional and expert, but also to get narrow your competition. As we see the real estate field is all about narrowing. But how can you become even more specific? You can choose a specific geographic location that you will specialize in. It’s always easier to become a well-known and respected expert in a small community rather than in a big city. Or even neighborhoods within cities.

Target Specific Demographics

Aside from targeting specific geographic locations, you can also target specific demographics: millennials, gen z or baby boomers, divorced or newlyweds, etc. This will help you to narrow your specialty even more.

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