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Essential Tips to Consider While Holding Open Houses or Showings in the Real Estate Market

The key to sell each and every listing is exposing it properly and attracting the attention of as many homebuyers as possible. Besides listing online, one of the best ways to get highly exposed is by holding open houses and showings. Buyers are super busy and have no spare time to waste, so you should take advantage of their presence at the showing. Here, I’m trying to help you hold your showings more professionally.

Be More Available:

Basically, the goal is selling the house, not making things convenient for you as the agent or even for the owners of the property. So, for a few weeks, you need to make it easy for homebuyers to see the property. Help the owners to increase their availability. Homebuyers need convenience and don’t like weird showing restrictions. For example, “I only show the house on the 2nd Tuesday of the month when the blue moon is out.” Most of the time, if the house is difficult to see, buyers will think the seller doesn’t sell it to them, so they will skip the house. 

Be Prepared on Both Weekdays and Weekends:

Most buyers prefer to visit properties in the morning and not evenings, especially for cases with higher prices. They also look both on weekdays and weekends. So, you should be prepared at any time of the week. Based on my experience, the ones who are coming to open houses or showings on weekends are likely window shoppers. The ones who come on weekdays are the most motivated to buy. 

Realtyna's TV Add-onBe Prepared on Short Notice:

At least one of the parties, the agent or the property owner, needs to be ready to show the property to visitors on any short notice. Short notice means as little as 3-4 hours before the arrival of homebuyers. To increase their availability and being able to sell the house at a higher price or faster, owners could provide a lockbox for agents too. Also, when you have a showing be sure to get the house ready. Put away unnecessary belongings, clear off the countertops, wash the dishes, keep desks and tables organized, clean the floors, especially in bathrooms, and also make sure kids’ rooms are tidy as well.

Turn the Security Alarm off During the Open House or Showing:

Remember to keep the security alarm off during showings. Simply turn it off before the event starts. I prefer using these devices only at night for feeling more secure. Imagine the pressure in the middle of the showing when the alarm suddenly bursts out. The agent/owner needs to take immediate action and disarm it, and this, unfortunately, it’s a distraction. When people leave the property afterward, they may feel discomforted or disturbed. This feeling is the last thing you need while trying to sell your home. 

Do not Keep Your Pets During the Open House or Showing:

Try to avoid pets in the home, although they are definitely part of the family. Some buyers do not feel at home around pets, and having them at open houses may reduce the chances of selling the property. Owners may consider moving pets temporarily while the property is for sale. As an example, you would not want to have a dog growling in a cage while a buyer is trying to view the property. Cat dander can also discourage buyers. If the owner moves pets out for open houses or showings, they should try to deep clean the home by removing the hair and all signs of odors. 

Final Words

There are so many considerations while having open houses and showings. However, in my opinion, the above mentioned are more essential. Let me know whether these suggestions are practical in your case or not. Also, you can take a look at the following article as well: Open House Stereotypes In Real Estate and How to Generate Open House Leads With Realtyna’s TV Add-on

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