Open House Stereotypes In Real Estate

Open House Stereotypes In Real Estate

You never know who will come to your real estate open house.

On the other hand, you kind of do.

Here are 12 open house stereotypes that always seem to show up.

The Over Compensating Boyfriend 

Open-house Stereotypes

“This place is sick. What do u think babe?”

The We Watch Too Much HGTV Couple

Real Estate Open House Stereotypes

They want to remodel everything. 

Is The Furniture For Sale Girl

Real Estate Stereotypes-Sale Girl

Someone always asks.

Weirdly Specific Question Guy

Real Estate Open House

“Hi. Where were the doorknobs manufactured?”

The Lady With The Superior Design Sense

Open House Stereotypes

“I can’t believe they chose thooooose drapes. 

The Nosy Neighbor

Open House Stereotypes in Real Estate

“So this is what it looks like on the inside.” 

The Couple Who Does This For Fun 

Open House Stereotypes

Literally, they find these things fun.

Fake Name Bro

Real Estate Open House

“You think I’m going to put my real name on this list?”

The Random Relative

Real Estate Open House

“This is grandpa’s old house!”

The Giver of Unsolicited Advice

He used to be in real estate. And he still knows all the big players.

The Animal People

Buyers with Animals-Open House Stereotypes

“I just don’t know if Sparky will be comfortable here.”

The Millennials 

The Millennial Buyers-Real Estate Open House

Just here for a selfie.

Know any other real estate open house stereotypes? Leave them in the comments. For more of our content, see Old School Real Estate Marketing Tools That Still Work.

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