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How to Connect the New RMLS Alliance IDX to a WordPress Website

The RMLS Alliance is a new, mega MLS joining together 4 of the largest MLS in Illinois and Iowa. The new RMLS Alliance will cover 61 counties and serve over 2 million people as soon as this fall. This is a major merger combining Capital Area Realtors MLS, Egyptian Board of Realtors MLS, Peoria Area Association of Realtors MLS and the Quad City Realtor Association MLS. The decision came out of convenience for the consumer and more streamlined listing portals. So how can you connect the new RMLS Alliance IDX feed to your WordPress website?

You will soon be able to add these listings to your WPL WordPress website faster and easier than ever with Realtyna’s Organic MLS Integration.


1) Indexable Listings & SEO

A RMLS Alliance RETS feed with Organic MLS Integration provides indexable listings to your WordPress website. This boosts the “readable” content on your site and helps you achieve better search engine rankings. There will be 1000’s of new listing pages, each a possible result for a relevant client web search. As a result, improving your overall SEO.

2) Data Accuracy and Control

A RMLS Alliance RETS feed with Organic MLS Integration is a direct connection between your website and the RMLS Alliance database. This can allow for faster updates. Because you host your own data, you are able to configure your feed to filter listings based on your business model.


Organic MLS Integration is a software package for WordPress that connects to the RMLS Alliance database via RETS. This imports the listings and displays them on your site.

We have more details on how Organic MLS Integration works here. Or check out our portfolio of client sites to see Organic MLS Integration in action.


Realtyna Bundles



Organic MLS Integration can support two or more RETS feeds integrated into a single property database. Meaning, if you a are a member of the RMLS Alliance and MRED MLS, you can host these listings together and transform your site into a real estate property portal.


  • No Monthly Fees

We sell our software for you to own. Meaning, if you have a RMLS Alliance RETS feed already, there are no monthly data access fees from Realtyna. *However, RMLS Alliance might charge you for access to the RETS feed.

  • Easy to Use

Organic MLS Integration combines the power of a RMLS Alliance RETS feed with the features and usability of the WordPress platform. Configurations to the software are made from your WordPress admin panel. We also support a number of page builders, providing you with drag-and-drop functions to edit website front-end. If you’d like to try before you buy, you can request a full administrative demo.

  • Flexible

Organic MLS Integration includes a number of configuration options, allowing you to personalize your site and separate from the pack. Out-of-the-box you will be able to customize your search bar, modify the photo carousel on your homepage, define new property listing fields, tag properties and more.

  • Lead Capture

Organic MLS Integration includes lead capture tools including request-a-viewing, contact agent, social media share, and favorites. Realtyna also offers advance upgrades such as forced registration, saved search, and CRM.


Contact us today. If you have a RMLS Alliance RETS feed already, we can start on your project immediately.

If you don’t have a RMLS Alliance RETS feed already, don’t worry, we can guide you through the process to get one*.

*Once the merge is complete and the feeds are ready.

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