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How to Connect an IDX Website to Zapier

Zapier is one of the most powerful technology services available. The web tool connects a huge number of applications and allows them to work together. By serving as an automated intermediary, Zapier can link software systems that were not designed for one another and get them to communicate through the transfer of data.

For real estate agents, this opens the doors to limitless possibilities.

IDX websites amass a vast amount of data. But most systems do not exploit this data for its maximum value.  With Zapier, IDX website data can become another tool for real estate agents to increase sales.

For example, an agent could use Zapier to send lead information from her IDX site to her sales software like Follow Up Boss. Or she could send subscriber data to MailChimp for an email newsletter. Or she could send usage data to excel for analysis.

All of this is possible with Zapier and all of it is automatic. Once a trigger is met (ie a new subscriber leaves an email address), Zapier executes the action.

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How to Connect an IDX Website to Zapier

The Zapier Add-on allows you to connect Realtyna’s IDX software to Zapier. The add-on works with both Organic IDX and Organic RETS Integration.

When setting up your Zapier connection, Realtyna takes care of everything from A to Z. We will:

  • Create your Zapier account
  • Create your Zap
  • Set the trigger
  • Create the action
  • Test the integration


The end product will be a working Zapier connection and the integration of your IDX system with your prefered third-party software.

By reducing the busy work and data entry you do on a daily basis, Zapier Add-on can help you to focus on lead conversion and sales.

For more on integrating your Organic IDX and Organic RETS with Zapier, give our sales team a call. Or leave a comment below.

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