Cold Calling Era

The Cold Calling Era is Over, What is the Alternative?

As of June 30, 2021, phone manufacturers and carriers have made it easier to identify unwanted calls in response to the FCC’s demand. Those companies, who make hundreds of calls per week, have a low percentage answer rate. The call is less than one minute and is suspected as spam in the user’s phone. The FCC advises people not to answer unknown calls as the caller ID showing a ‘local’ number no longer means it is necessarily a local caller. Instead, they suggest letting them go to voicemail.

As you see, it is becoming impossible to make cold calls and generate leads in this way. What can a real estate agent do?

In this article, you will learn the alternatives of cold calling that will bring even more leads and accordingly more money in your pocket.

Owning a Website Is not a Luxury, It’s a Necessity! 

It does not need any discussion. Owning a website in this period is an absolute necessity. It has become all the more so in the period of global pandemic, when everything moved online. How do you imagine your business offline? Don’t hesitate. Create it as soon as possible. Don’t let the opportunities pass you by!

But owning a website is not enough

Every Outstanding Real Estate Website Must Have a Good CRM Software

With WPL CRM you will manage your leads all in one place. This powerful and at the same time simplified system automates lead-generation, follow-ups, etc. This software helps you to manage your customers’ needs/desires and track what your leads are interested in. Accordingly, you will be able to come up with even more attractive suggestions for your potential clients. It’s easy-to-use and easy-to-setup, this is why you are able to start using it right after the installation.

With Customer relationship management you can:

  • Capture real estate leads
  • Observe their online activity and collect the necessary data 
  • Strengthen relationship with your customers
  • It has different functions to sort your leads based on different segments to increase your transformation rate
  • Better understand different parts of the sales process

CRM has additional features: 

  • Advanced form creator for contacts and requests
  • Administrators can govern levels and modify privacy
  • Outstanding user experience integrated with the user interface
  • Event management and reminder System
  • Advanced search filters for finding contacts, requests etc.

Customer relationship management has more advantages, you just need to check more information about it here: Real Estate CRM – Everything You Need For your Real Estate Website

Last Several Words

As it was mentioned, cold calls can have many alternatives. Some of them are websites and CRM, but there are many more that can’t be mentioned in one article. If you want to learn more check my article: Organic MLS Integration and its Benefits: Guide 101

Good luck! 

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